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Datalogic DS8100A


    The new DS8100A, a high-performance linear laser barcode reader, is designed to satisfy the key needs of sorting applications in the Transportation & Logistics arena. With top-class reading performance and flexibility of use, DS8100A is the standard reader for the most challenging applications and competitive solutions.


    The Datalogic DS8100A is based on ASTRA™, an innovative and patented multiple-diode switching technology that guarantees excellent reading performance through the use of real-time focusing on an extended depth of field. ASTRA™ provides unrivalled reading performance even with very irregular object shapes running at very high speed. The DS8100A also supports ACR™, the Datalogic advanced code reconstruction algorithm, to dramatically increase the total read rate. ACR™ makes a difference when codes are damaged or poorly printed, and has superb external light immunity to keep the system working in several different lighting conditions. And DS8100A includes PackTrack™, by which the localization of code into the reading area is able to finely assign barcodes, reducing the minimum object gap, hence increasing the system throughput.


    DS8100A supports the parameter setup by the standard Datalogic configuration program Genius™ that helps to automate and speed up the reader configuration and calibration.


    The new DS8100A is completely compatible with the laser scanner DX8200A, DS6300, DS6400 and the industrial controller SC6000. The high flexibility and modularity is a key feature in composing the best competitive solution for specific requirements.


    DS8100A offers the Ethernet connectivity to satisfy contemporary data transmission and remote control.


    A practical display with keyboard increases the DS8100A‘s ease of use by offering a simple and complete human interface without the need of a PC. The reader is constantly monitored by internal diagnostic routines; failures and malfunctioning are promptly notifyed to Host system as well as to Datalogic WebSentinel™, the new remote surveillance software. DS8100A can be simply and quickly replaced thanks to the automatic replacement function, DARP™ that completely manages the restore operations of the system.


    DS8100A performs the Energy Saving function that allows saving energy and extending the life of the reader. Upon the occurrence of predefined conditions, scanner will stop motor and switch off laser, waiting for the next activation event

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