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Datalogic DX6400

The new DX6400 and DX6500 are industrial fixed position barcode readers designed Features to offer an omni-directional reading solution for small/medium sized conveyors. Both the DX6400 and DX6500 are based on the high performance 6000 family platform, the same used by DS6300, DS6400 and DS6500. Setup and upgrade for both scanners is easy, using the GENIUS™ SW configurator program with a friendly user interface.

The DX6400 uses the same optic platform as the DS6400, based on FLASH™ dynamic focus, that offers an impressive reading range and is always automatically focused on the object. The DX6400 is the ideal solution for reading on induction lines (up to 500 mm of width), with different sized objects, where the dynamic focus is able to cover the wide reading range necessary.

The DX6500 uses the same optic platform as the DS6500, based on ASTRA™ technology, that offers an impressive real time depth of field, as a result of the electronic switching between two laser diodes. The DX6500 is the ideal solution for high speed sorter applications (width up to 400 mm) where the gap between parcels is reduced. As a result of a special mechanical solution that creates a cross pattern, and high performance ACR™ code reconstruction SW algorithm, the new DX6400 and DX6500 are the ideal solution for omni-directional reading on medium sized conveyors.

Special models of the DX6400 and DX6500 with built-in connectivity to Ethernet and a fully implemented TCP/IP protocol are also offered. The practical display with keyboard increases the scanner’s ease of use and offers a simple human interface without the need of a PC.

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