Data Collection Devices

Portable - Wireless Hand Helds

  Honeywell Dolphin® 6100 Mobile Computer

Honeywell Dolphin® 6100 

The sleek and ultra-lightweight Dolphin 6100 is an in-premise mobile computing solution designed for retail and light industrial environments.   

  Honeywell Dolphin® 7600 Mobile Computer

Honeywell Dolphin® 7600 

The Dolphin 7600 is our most compact mobile computer, offering a range of features and functionality superior to other devices in its class.  

  Honeywell Dolphin® 7850 Mobile Computer

Honeywell Dolphin® 7850 

The Dolphin 7850 is purpose-built for scan-intensive, in-premise retail and warehousing applications.  

  Honeywell Dolphin® 7900 Mobile Computer

Honeywell Dolphin® 7900 

The Dolphin 7900 mobile computer delivers an unparalleled combination of functionality and industrial-grade durability for mobile data collection applications including route accounting, direct store delivery, courier, utilities, and field services.   

  Honeywell Dolphin® 9500 Mobile Computer

Honeywell Dolphin® 9500 

Packed with state-of-the-art communication and data collection functionality, the 9500 features a sleek, lightweight and rugged design, making it perfect for robust mobile applications in transportation, logistics and parcel delivery. Multiple full keypad options make the 9500 ideal for situations where alphanumeric data entry is required.   

  Honeywell Dolphin® 9501 Mobile Computer

Honeywell Dolphin® 9501 

The Dolphin 9501 features an integrated laser scan engine for long-range scanning applications.   

  Honeywell Dolphin® 9550 Mobile Computer

Honeywell Dolphin® 9550 

A handle-style version of the Dolphin 9500, the 9550 features an integrated pistol-grip for easy and intuitive one-handed use in scan-intensive, front-line applications found in retail, warehousing and distribution.   

  Honeywell Dolphin® 9551 Mobile Computer

Honeywell Dolphin® 9551 

The same pistol-grip design featured on the 9550 with an integrated laser engine for long range scanning applications in cross-docking and warehousing.   

  Honeywell Dolphin® 9900 Mobile Computer

Honeywell Dolphin® 9900 

Dolphin® 9900 Mobile Computer delivers a complete set of productivity-enhancing capabilities in a solution built for maximum reliability and ease of use in an industrial-grade, durable design for rugged mobile applications in transportation, direct store and parcel delivery.  

  Honeywell Dolphin® 9900hc Mobile Computer

Honeywell Dolphin® 9900hc 

Dolphin® 9900hc mobile computers are purpose-built for healthcare applications such as bedside point-of-care, specimen collection and inventory management.   

  Honeywell Dolphin® 9950 Mobile Computer

Honeywell Dolphin® 9950 

Ideal for scan-intensive applications, the Dolphin 9950 mobile computer features an integrated pistol-grip design that facilitates comfortable single-handed data collection.  

  Honeywell Dolphin® 7900 Mobile Computer

Honeywell Dolphin® 7900 

The Dolphin 7900 mobile computer delivers an unparalleled combination of functionality and industrial-grade durability for mobile data collection applications including route accounting, direct store delivery, courier, utilities, and field services.   

  Honeywell Dolphin® 7300 Mobile Computer

Honeywell 7300 

The Dolphin® 7300 is a compact handheld computer that delivers performance and power for today's most demanding mobile workforce environments. Windows® CE powers the Dolphin 7300 and provides application versatility and expandability. This operating system allows customers to use open systems architecture, enabling developers to write applications using Microsoft® eMbedded™Visual Tools. The environment allows for rapid application development and implementation for a faster return on investment.   

  Honeywell Dolphin® 7400RF Data Terminal

Honeywell 7400RF 

For wireless data transmission, Dolphin® 7400RF with Microsoft Windows CE™ includes an integrated 2.4 GHz spread spectrum, DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) radio for real time data communication. This modular portable handheld computer features full alphanumeric keypad, large quarter-screen display, high-performance Intel StrongArm processor, up to 64MB of memory, and optional touch-screen.   

  Honeywell Dolphin® 7200RF Wireless Data Collection Terminal

Honeywell 7200RF 

This wireless version of the popular Dolphin terminal includes an integrated 2.4 GHz spread spectrum, frequency-hopping radio for real time data communication. Rugged and pocketsize, this bar code scanner/computer is designed for the rigors of portable applications.   

  Honeywell SP5500 Optimus®S Mobile Computer

Honeywell SP5500 Optimus®S 

The SP5500 OptimusS and the SP5535 OptimusSBT™ mobile computers offer pocket-sized, data-collection solutions for inventory, order-picking or shipping/receiving. While both are engineered for rapid batch data collection, the OptimusSBT features Bluetooth® wireless connectivity for real-time data transfer.   

  Honeywell SP5600 Optimus®R Mobile Computer

Honeywell SP5600 Optimus®R 

The SP5600 OptimusR and the SP5650 OptimusRW™ provide a robust solution for efficient batch data collection. An IP65-rated design protects the unit in demanding environments such as dusty warehouses, steamy stockrooms and wet loading docks. The SP5650 OptimusRW incorporates WiFi® communication technology for long range, real-time data transfer up to 250 meters.   

  Honeywell SP5700 OptimusPDA Mobile Computer

Honeywell SP5700 OptimusPDA 

OptimusPDA provides mobile professionals with a versatile solution for increased productivity in applications such as retail supply chain, professional services, transportation and healthcare. Lighter than most mobile computers, but just as powerful, OptimusPDA can be equipped with a variety of features, including a choice of data capture options and advanced wireless technologies.   

Portable - Batch Hand Helds

  Honeywell ScanPal® 2 Mobile Computer

Honeywell ScanPal® 2 

ScanPal2 is a portable data collection terminal designed for daily use in applications such as inventory/stock control, shipping/receiving, price checking and more. Over 100 hours of operation can be achieved using two standard AAA batteries. Its compact design provides single-handed operation, ease-of-use, and durability.   

  Honeywell Dolphin® 7400 Computer and Scanner

Honeywell 7400 

Step into the next generation of portable data collection with the Dolphin 7400. The Dolphin 7400 adds a Microsoft Windows CE operating system to a modular portable hand held computer platform that features full alphanumeric keypad, large quarter-screen display, high-performance Intel StrongArm processor, as well as up to 64MB of memory, and optional touch-screen capability.   

  Honeywell Dolphin® 7200 2D Data Collection Terminal

Honeywell 72002D 

The Dolphin 7200 2D is an all-purpose data collection terminal featuring a state of the art CMOS digital-image-camera with an integrated image-processor. The IT4250 imager incorporated into the ergonomic design of the Dolphin hand held computer enables the terminal the ability to decode Linear barcodes, Stacked Linear and Martix codes as well as providing OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality for reading OCR fonts.   

  Honeywell Dolphin® 7200IB Data Collection Terminal & iButton Reader/Writer

Honeywell 7200IB 

The DolphinIB takes our original ergonomic design and incorporates advanced iButton technology from Dallas Semiconductor for exceptionally fast data collection of more than just bar code. This pocketsize, 13.7oz (389g) computer enables single-handed operation in either hand, while patented iButton technology lets you read and write data in a split-second.   

  Honeywell Dolphin® 7200 Data Collection Terminal

Honeywell 7200 

The Dolphin 7200 is a rugged, pocketsize computer and bar code scanner with an open DOS architecture and up to 12 MB of memory. Ergonomically designed for both right and left-handed use, the Dolphin 7200 is available with a variety of integrated scanning options for exceptional performance on all major linear bar code symbologies.   

Vehicle Mounted Stations

  Honeywell Dolphin® 7500 Wireless Forklift Data Collection Terminal

Honeywell 7500 

This terminal features a full-color display for fixed-mount or fork-lift-mounted applications in depots, warehouses and manufacturing floors. It uses a fast 133 MHz processor and supports industry-standard software including MS-DOS 6.22 and Windows 95. Suited for PC-controlled systems or as Terminal Emulation for IBM AS/400, ES/9000, UNIX or Windows NT applications, the 7500 expands to 32 MB memory and allows off-the-shelf applications to run unchanged.   


  Honeywell SCANTEAM® 2000 Keyboard Wedge

Honeywell 2000 

The SCANTEAM 2000 is a compact, rugged keyboard "wedge" that transmits decoded bar code, magnetic stripe, and MICR data to a variety of terminals, PCs and/or POS devices by emulating keyboard/terminal communications. The product supports the full range of Honeywell contact and non-contact bar code scanners (wands, CCDs, and lasers), magnetic stripe, and MICR readers.   

  Hand Held Product SCANTEAM® 2010 Keyboard Wedge/Decoder

Honeywell 2010 

The SCANTEAM® 2010 is an economical solution for a wide range of keyboard wedge and serial RS-232 system interface requirements. It supports wand, CCD and laser input devices to enable error free data entry through the use of bar codes.   

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