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  Honeywell Dolphin® 7200IC Data Collection Terminal with Image Capture

Honeywell 7200IC 

The DolphinIC incorporates a low power, high-resolution digital camera to capture signatures, airbills, damaged cartons or any other image in a high performance mobile data collection terminal. This pocketsize, 14 oz. (411-gm) computer enables single-handed data collection in either hand, and is built for the most rugged environments.   

  Honeywell Micro-Wand™ IIIE Contact Bar Code Scanner & Computer

Honeywell Micro-Wand IIIE 

Only 8 ounces (226 grams), this lightweight unit is designed for all-day, everyday use. Data is collected using the alpha-numeric keyboard or integrated bar code scanner. Designed to survive the harshest treatment, the Micro-Wand™ lllE is water and shock resistant. A solid state "super capacitor" helps prevent data loss during a battery change.   

  Honeywell SCANTEAM® 5770HD Cordless High Density Laser Scanner

Honeywell ST5770HD 

The cordless SCANTEAM® 5770HD system, designed to be easy to use, consists of the high density laser scanner plus the SCANTEAM 2070 host interface base unit. Designed to read high density bar codes as small as 3 mil., the ST5770HD is ideally suited to industrial applications such as tool crib management and asset tracking.   

  Honeywell SCANTEAM® 5770HV Cordless High Visibility Laser Scanner

Honeywell ST5770HV 

The SCANTEAM® 5770HV system, designed to be easy to use, consists of the high visibility laser scanner plus the SCANTEAM® 2070 host interface base unit. The ST5770HV is designed so the user can see the laser beam in full sunlight and is ideally suited for industrial applications both indoors and out.   

  Honeywell SCANTEAM® 3215 Hand Held CCD Scanner

Honeywell ST3215 

The SCANTEAM® 3215 CCD scanner is a general purpose scanner offering excellent reading performance of poor quality bar codes. The ST3215 is available in both contact and non-contact models, and is a complete solution that connects directly to the computer or terminal. Rugged and reliable, the ST3215 offers PC-compatible keyboard wedge, TTL level RS232, and wand emulation interfaces.   

  Honeywell SCANTEAM® 6180PC Serial Bar Code Reader and Serial PC Card

Honeywell ST6180PC 

The SCANTEAM® 6180PC is a combination of the SCANTEAM 6180 serial bar code scanner, and Socket Communications' top selling serial PC card, which is designed to work with any Handheld Personal Computer (H/PC) running under the Windows CE operating environment. The SCANTEAM 6180PC runs on the H/PC's batteries so there is no need for external cables or power supplies. A software applet is included with the product to provide a means to load the scanned bar code data directly into the H/PC's application and provide the capability to program the scanner to the users application.   

  Hand Held Product SCANTEAM® 6480 Badge Reader/Decoder

Hand Held Product 6480 

The SCANTEAM 6480 Bar Code Badge Reader/Decoder simplifies scanning and decoding by combining both functions into a single unit. No external decoding is required. The ST6480 is designed for reading bar codes on cards, tickets, badges and other items which can be passed through a slot.   

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