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Honeywell ST5770

The cordless SCANTEAM 5770 system, designed to be easy to use, consists of the standard range laser scanner plus the SCANTEAM 2070 host interface base unit. Designed for tough industrial environments, the ST5770 is ideally suited to applications such as shipping and receiving, work-in-process, tool crib management, and asset tracking.

Cordless Scanning brings a new level of flexibility and productivity to applications using automatic data collection. Similar to the impact of cordless telephones in consumer markets, the freedom of cordless scanning expands the applications for scanning bar codes by taking the scanner to the job rather than taking the job to the scanner.

  • Unique Battery Design
  • Scanner Coverage of Up to 7850 square feet (730 square meters)
  • No Cable
  • Multiple Scanner Support
  • Application Work Groups
  • Removable batteries that are recharged by plugging into a simple 120 volt wall outlet and operate through the entire work day.
  • Increased mobility and productivity by allowing the scanner to be taken to the job, rather than taking the job to the scanner.
  • Improves safety conditions by avoiding accidents and injury as a result of cables becoming entangled in equipment and machinery.
  • Increased productivity and flexibility without the added costs of additional bases and terminals.
  • Multiple jobs are supported by each terminal for easy adjustment to changing workloads.

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Want to get the most from your Honeywell ST5770?

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