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2450 MHz Tag

The Intermec 2450 MHz metal mount tag provides non-line-of-sight read/write and rewrite of data to tagged items and containers. Designed to perform in harsh industrial environments, the 2450 delivers extended memory, multitag sorting, and an impressive read range.


  • Compact, practical design
  • Anticollision performance
  • User-defined access for data integrity
  • Extended range and memory

The 2450 tags are designed specifically for application on RF reflective/absorbent surfaces such as metal or metallic paints. The tags are compact enough even for small containers. 2450 metal mount tags have a protective thermal casing to withstand the rough conditions in manufacturing and logistics. Mounting holes and wide tag feet offer several mounting options.

Anticollision protocol allows scanning up to 40 tags per second, regardless of the number of tags in the read zone. With 2450 tags you can read selected groups of tags based on user-defined criteria, and write common data to select groups of multiple tags simultaneously.

Pre-programmed identifiers for permanently locked inserts prevent overwrite, while “unlocked” memory areas can be written to again and again. Using 2450 tags you can selectively apply a permanent lock on static information, or limit customers allowed to write to the tag using unique customer identifiers.

Using 2450 MHz microwave frequency range for unlicensed use, these tags support the international standard for item management. The powerful Intellitag single chip design of the 2450 metal mount tags provides read ranges in excess of 100cm (39 inches). The 2450 tags also have a desirable memory capacity of 1,024 bits.

The Intellitag® 2450 MHz Metal Mount Tag integrates radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions into harsh environments applications requiring read range, multi-tag sort, read/write, and extended memory capacity. The tags are designed for application on RF reflective/absorbent surfaces such as metal or metallic paints used for supply-chain management, manufacturing, logistics and other applications requiring a durable tag for non-line-of-sight, non-contact item tracking.

Physical Dimensions: (LWH) 82 x 10 x 8 mm (3.2 x .4 x .3 in)
Type: 2450 MHz Encapsulated Chip on board (COB) with Modified Dipole antenna
Frequency: 2450 MHz
Antenna Type: Modified Dipole
Mounting Surface: Optimally tuned for mounting on any RF reflective/ absorbent surfaces, such as metal.
Surface Contour: Tags may be mounted on curved surfaces with no less than 8” radius. Optimum performance ranges are obtained when mounted on a flat surface.
Mounting Method: Metal screw, rivet, liquid or tape adhesive mounted with the tag standoff toward the item surface.
Packaging: Chip on FR4 board with dipole antenna, encapsulated in durable plastic, with holes drilled for mounting. The tag is molded with plastic standoffs to optimize tag performance on metal surfaces.
Presentation: Available singulated, or in panels of 15 (1 x 15) segmented with snap-apart feature that facilitates robotic attachment to the metal object.

Total Memory: 1,024 Bits
Reserved & Locked: 96 Bits: 64 bits for unique insert identifier; 32 bits reserved for the manufacturer ID and insert type
Reserved: 48 bits for Tag Memory Layout, which can vary by application
User Capacity: 880 Usable read/write lockable bits

Air Link Protocol: Supports ANS NCITS 256-1999 Part 3, subpart 1 (Section 3.1) Passive Backscatter RFID System
Readers: Any Intellitag-series reader operating at 2.45 GHz.

Continuous: -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
Short Term Exposure: (up to 2 hours, multiple exposures) -40°C to 125°C (-40°F to 257°F)
Storage Temperature: -55°C to 95°C (-67°F to 203°F)
Humidity: Operational - 95% Non-condensing
Electro-Static Discharge: 10 k V air discharge
Shock: 1000 G peak, half sine 0.7ms duration
Vibration: 20G RMS @ 20Hz – 1500Hz in all axes, random vibration.
Exposure: Resistant to automotive fuels, lubricants, salt water, machine tool cutting coolants
Encapsulant Hardness: Shore D 65 – 75 @ 24°C

Reader / Antenna Test Environment: UAP 2100 reader having an unlicensed (Part 15) system power of 35 dBm EIRP with 6dBic circularly polarized antenna
Surface Application: Optimum performance ranges are obtained when mounted on a flat RF-reflective surface, such as metal
Optimal Orientation: Item singulated in open space (no surrounding items or equipment) with tagged item surface facing antenna
Data read addressability: 8 Byte blocks
Data write addressability: 1 byte block (unlocked bytes only)
Read Rate: 8 Bytes in less than 12ms
Write Rate: Single byte in less than 25ms
Read Range: Exceeds 100 cm (39 inches) across 6 inches of a single antenna pattern; exceeds 2 meters (78 inches) with two antennas 2 meters apart
Write Range: exceeds 70 cm (27 inches) with single antenna; exceeds 1.4 meters (54 inches) with two antennas 1.4 meters apart

When applying liquid adhesive, it is recommended that a urethane adhesive be injected into the screw holes for maximum tensile strength. For metal screw mounting, use 632 screws.
This tag cannot be cannot be read through metal or RF reflective or RF absorbent surfaces. When used on these surfaces, the tag must be placed on the outside of the item to be tagged facing the reader and the plastic standoff of the tag must be oriented toward the metal surface of the item.
Submersion in liquids blocks communication with the tag; human tissue between the tag and the reader significantly reduces or blocks communication with the tag.
RESTRICTIONS ON USE:Some approvals and features may vary by country and may change without notice. Please check with your local Intermec sales office for further information.

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