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Intermec 741B / 751B / 761B Color

Rugged Enterprise Mobility

Whether on the road, in the field, or on the factory floor, mobile workers demand rugged, reliable tools to do their jobs. Bringing updated technologies to the front-line worker, the Intermec® models 741, 751 and 761 mobile computers build on the proven, unprecedented success of the 700 Color Series. Designed from the ground up for use in harsh environments, the 700 device can withstand multiple 6-ft. (1.8 m) drops to concrete and is sealed against rain and dust. The ergonomic case design is sculpted and balanced, maximizing user comfort during long-term use. Radio and scanner options are integrated, not add-ons, which means they are tested to the same ruggedness standards, and don’t compromise the environmental or functional characteristics of the unit.

Scaleable, Comprehensive Package In addition to the large, brilliant color display, Intel® XScale™ processor, and Microsoft® Windows Mobile® for Pocket PC, the 700 Series’ customer configurable design allows the integration of up to three radios (WLAN, WWAN, Bluetooth) in a single device. On-board wired Ethernet is standard on the 700 Series, and unlike many competitive devices, true Ethernet speeds are maintained. In addition, the built-in Flash ROM folder allows permanent storage of applications, drivers and startup files on non-volatile flash memory. In addition, Intermec’s ReadiCareSM Deployment Services provide WWAN activation, provisioning and logistics control so that the 700 Series customer is up and productive “right out of the box”.

Data Collection

Offering both laser and imaging scanning options, Intermec’s imaging technologies further enable device capabilities by enabling: omni-directional decoding – eliminating the need to line up the scan beam perpendicular to the bars ; image capture – allowing for the storage of black and white photographs and signatures for applications such as proof of delivery, market surveys and field inspections; as well as decoding standard linear 1D, 2D matrix, stacked and composite barcodes.

Cross Functional Deployments

Whether your application is stand-alone, client-server, browser-based, or terminal emulation, the 700 Color is the right tool for the job. It’s comprehensive feature set allows for a single device to provide cross functional capabilities. Your day’s start-up activates can begin on-premise, utilizing wireless LAN access points for cross docking or load planning applications and move off-premise to the delivery vehicle, utilizing wireless wide-area voice and data services, all the while using Bluetooth compatible networking to print. Whatever your communication requirements, the 700 Color has you covered.

Complete Systems That Work

The 700 Color is part of a suite of fully- integrated system components, including a wide selection of peripherals and accessories. Intermec systems are designed to meet the needs of the business enterprise. Applications and communication software products are available to address business process automation needs – including software to remotely configure and manage devices from a central location. The Intermec 700 Color can help businesses worldwide improve their operations, increase mobile worker efficiency, and build a better bottom line.

Featured Benefits:

  • Rugged, ergonomic design for full-day use
  • Highly configurable and upgradeable, allowing up to 3 integrated wireless communication options in the same device
  • Part of a proven and comprehensive solution set including mobile printers, centralized system and device management products, peripherals, and accessories
  • Combines the power and speed of the Intel® XScale™ processor and the Microsoft® Windows Mobile for Pocket PC operating system
  • Available with either integrated imaging or laser scanning technologies
  • Large, transflective color display provides crisp, vivid screen for high contrast both indoors and out
  • Numeric and full alphanumeric keypad options

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Want to get the most from your Intermec 741B / 751B / 761B Color?

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Did you know we provide total solutions including complete, on-site integration services, as well as custom, semi-custom, and packaged software to lower your operation costs, increase your accuracies and maximize your bottom line?

Did you know you can click here to contact us for more information about the Intermec 741B / 751B / 761B Color or any of our other products, services and software?
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