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Microwave OEM Reader

The Intermec Intellitag« Microwave OEM Reader Products include reader/programmer board sets for integration into leading microwave-band RFID solutions requiring read range, multitag sort, read/write and memory capacity. These products are useful in applications including transportation, security access, supply-chain management, retail, manufacturing, logistics, and health care applications.


  • Rugged, industrial design
  • Intermec 2100 Universal Access Point or microcontroller options
  • Use with 2.5m read range applications
  • Data collection compatibility
  • Anticollision protocol

The fixed reader/programmer board set is designed as an option for the Intermec 2100 Universal Access Point (UAP), but it may be integrated into other microcontroller-based systems.

2450 MHz tag read ranges up to 2.5m (8.2 ft.)

The Microwave OEM reader/programmer board sets provide RFID data collection integrated into a local area network through a configuration option for Intermec 2100 Universal Access Point.

A powerful anticollision algorithm allows up to 40 tags per second to be scanned, regardless of the number of tags in the read zone.

Fixed reader/programmer board set only: 2.45 GHz unlicensed FCC spread-spectrum frequency-hopping
Intermec 2100 UAP with fixed reader/programmer module: 2.45 GHz unlicensed FCC spread-spectrum frequency-hopping

Fixed reader/programmer board set: serial interface
2100 UAP: 10BaseT;

Fixed reader/programmer board set: Intermec interface specification
Intermec 2100 UAP with fixed reader/programmer module: available software fully supports the ANS NCITS 256 -1999 for item management
Data Rate: Read 8 bytes of data from a tag in less than 32 ms. Write a single byte of data to a tag in less than 1 second.
Multitag Access: User-specified groups within a population of tags can be selected, read from, and/or written to using multitag access commands.

Fixed Reader/Programmer Board Set Only: 8 VDC
2100 UAP: 100-240 VAC auto-ranging

Operating Temperature: 0║C to +50║C (+32║F to +122║F)
Storage Temperature: -20║C to +70║C (+4║F to +158║F)

General-Purpose Input/Output Circuits (reader/programmer): Interfaces for input and output circuits to monitor sensors and control other devices.

Read/write performance varies with RFID inserts, tags, and antenna configurations.
Sample dual antenna configuration is illustrated below.
Read/Write Ranges: Write ranges are approximately 70% of the effective read ranges of the RFID inserts.
Read Range Examples: Ranges are listed below for RFID inserts using frequency-hopping FCC unlicensed operation reader and dual antennas.
1.8 Meters (5.9 ft): 2.45 GHz 6 x 30 x.5 mm (.24 x 1.18 x .02 in) RFID insert
2.5 Meters (8.2 ft): 2.45 GHz 10 x 60 x .5 mm (.39 x 2.36 x .02 in) RFID insert

Some approvals and features may vary by country and may change without notice. Please check with your local Intermec sales office for further information.

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