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Intermec MobileLAN™ voice

MobileLAN™ voice gives people at work the freedom to perform their jobs effectively from anywhere within the workplace. No longer tied to their desks waiting for calls, with a MobileLAN voice wireless telephone, they stay accessible to answer questions, make decisions, take customer calls and increase productivity. Not to mention that voice mail phone tag is virtually eliminated.

  • Improves responsiveness to customers
  • Increases employee productivity & speeds up decision-making
  • Integrates with most popular digital telephone systems
  • Crystal clear, consistent voice quality
  • Comprehensive coverage without interference to existing Wireless LANs
  • Enabling mobile workers
  • Improve customer service
MobileLAN voice wireless telephones are essential communication tools when it comes to providing superior customer service. Responsiveness to customer calls is improved. Hold time delays are decreased. Returned phone calls are reduced. Disruption from overhead paging systems and radios is eliminated.

Overall customer satisfaction improves when customers get answers quickly and issues resolved on the first-call without waiting on hold. Superior customer service increases customer retention and ultimately revenue.

HASSLE-FREE INTEGRATION MobileLAN voice wireless telephone systems require minimal user training and installation resources because they work like standard desktop telephones and interface seamlessly with the best-selling digital phone systems using standard digital ports. MobileLAN voice wireless telephone users enjoy full access to the features they’ve become accustomed to on their desktop phones like caller-id, message waiting, and multiple-lines.

INVESTMENT PROTECTION AND QUICK ROI MobileLAN voice wireless telephone systems protect existing investments in voice and data infrastructure. For IT departments, MobileLAN voice simplifies infrastructure and management by combining voice and data traffic over one wireless network – leveraging 802.11b wireless LAN technology. MobileLAN voice telephones and gateways operate as adjuncts to existing wireless LANs and PBXs. The scalable architecture of MobileLAN voice allows for expansion as required to meet your business growth needs. Significant savings are incurred when MobileLAN voice replaces duplicate communication devices like pagers and cell phones. Further savings are quickly realized in lower long distance charges, fewer call backs, increased productivity and additional revenue from satisfied customers.

SUPERIOR VOICE QUALITY AND COVERAGE MobileLAN voice wireless telephone systems use sophisticated digital spread spectrum radio technology and have highest level of integration with enterprise telephone switching and networking systems. This provides the best voice quality possible consistently throughout the coverage area with no clicks, no fading, and no dead spots.

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