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Intermec RCB4030E

The RCB4030E (Ethernet) Wireless Spread Spectrum Network - Controller/Base serves as an access point to the Norand Mobile Systems 902-928 MHz Spread Spectrum Wireless Data Network. It is part of the network connectivity solution, which links radio frequency (RF) hand-held terminals to the host computer.

As a base, the RCB4030E is an intelligent wireless bridge that communicates at speeds up to 10Mbps over the wired Ethernet backbone and at 192 Kbps over the wireless network. Each base maintains routing and costing tables that ensure maximum throughput and fastest path routing over the LAN (local area network). Radio coverage per base is typically over 350,000 square feet. This minimizes the number of wireless access points (bases) necessary for large area applications. The spread spectrum radio has excellent wireless network performance characteristics to ensure superior immunity from noise and interference. The RCB4030E employs the direct sequence method of transmission and uses a complex chipping sequence to encode messages to ensure data integrity, even in the harshest RF environments. Fast and flexible host connectivity is required for today's active wireless applications. As a controller or integrated controller/base the RCB4030E allows interface of radio frequency hand-held terminals directly to a wide variety of host computers. The RCB4030E can be attached to and coexist with existing corporate LANs conforming to IEEE 802.3, DIX Ethernet specifications, and RS485. Any system--from IBM3 mainframes to minis--which supports 3270 SNA can now be a host for wireless applications. Connectivity for 5250 SNA to an AS/400 is also supported. A range of host connections is supported, including RS232 or V.35. The RCB4030E has the ability to operate in a wide range of environmental conditions, plus its high degree of reliability makes it an ideal control unit and access point device for wireless networks.

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