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RFID Developers Kits

Intermec Intellitag« Radio Frequency Identification Developer's Kit provides all the tools necessary for developers to implement complete device-independent applications using Intellitag technology.

  • Application Program Interface (API) C++ and Common Object COM Visual Basic
  • Reader simulator
  • Intellitag command library
  • Sample demonstration programs
  • RFID reader and freespace tag inserts
  • Royalty-free distribution per license agreement
The Intellitag Developer's Kit (IDK) provides the licensee with software, hardware, documentation and training for application development for a single workstation.

The reader simulator included with the kit emulates a full-featured Intellitag reader running as a background server on the workstation.

Included with Intermec's IDK are flexible commands to take advantage of the full power of Intellitag readers. The kit fully supports the ANS NCITS 256-1999 standard for RFID item management.

The demonstration programs of the IDK illustrate the read/write capabilities of the Intellitag system and include functional examples of RFID application coding in C ++ and Visual Basic.

Intermec's IDK provides RFID tags reader and antennas for system design and development.

915 MHz Kit:
FCC Part 15 certified readers
Antennas and cables
RFID Inserts
33 x 105 x 3 mm (1.30 x 4.13 x .12 in) tag package on rigid base
2450 MHz Kit:
FCC Part 15 certified reader
Antennas and cables
RFID Inserts
10 x 60 x .5 mm (.39 x 2.36 x .02 in) insert package on thin base for non-metallic mounting applications
6 x 30 x .5 mm (.24 x 1.18 x .02 in) insert package on thin base for non-metallic mounting applications
Application-specific RFID inserts and tags can be developed when size and read range constraints differ from the inserts and tag above.
Intellitag Reader Simulator Software: Simulates Intellitag reader functionality.
Intellitag Demonstration Software: Includes sample codewritten in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and Visual Basic using the Intellitag API.
Intellitag Programmer's API: Full support of the ANS NCITS 256 1999 item management standard. Supports Microsoft Windows 95, 98, and NT.

Byte boundary memory addressing.
Byte boundary memory lock.
1024 bits total memory 96 bits are reserved for factory and system parameters and locked at the factory; 928 bits are user memory formatted and locked as required by the application.

Anticollision Protocol: Efficient, binary tree type anticollision algorithm. Scan rate is effectively linear at up to 40 tags per second, regardless of the number of tags in the field.

Data Rate: Read 8 bytes of data from a tag in less than 32 milliseconds. Write a single byte of data to a tag in less than 1 second.
Multitag Access: User-specified groups within a population of tags can be selected, read from, and/or written to using multitag access commands.

Operating Temperature: 0║C to +50║C (-32║F to +122║F)
Storage Temperature: -20║C to +70║C (+4║F to +157║F)

Read/write performance varies with RFID inserts, tags, and antenna configurations. Sample single antenna configuration is illustrated below.
Read/Write Ranges: Write ranges are approximately 70% of the effective read ranges of the RFID inserts and tag.
Read Range Examples: Ranges are listed below for RFID inserts and tag using frequency-hopping FCC unlicensed operation reader and a single demo antenna.
1.25 Meters (4.1 ft): 2.45 MHz 10 x 60 x .5 mm (.39 x 2.36 x .02 in) RFID insert
0.9 Meters (2.9 ft): 2.45 MHz 6 x 30 x .5 mm (.24 x 1.18 x .02 in) RFID insert
3.5 Meters (11.48 ft): 915 MHz 33 x 105 x 3 mm (1.30 x 4.13 x .12 in) tag

Some approvals and features may vary by country and may change without notice. Please check with your local Intermec sales office for further information.

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