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Microscan MS7180

This fixed-mount industrial bar code scanner is the smart, hands-free way to quickly capture bar code. Its auto-calibration procedure finds the best combination of gain and tracking settings for ranges and scan speeds for custom applications. A programmable raster module allows adjustments to both sweep angle and speed (up to 135 sweeps per second).

The MS-7180 also provides flexibility to scan a variety of label qualities and densities through its embedded firmware, which allows operators to change motor speed from a range of 600 to 1,000 scans per second. Accurate and adjustable high-speed scanning combined with rugged housing make the MS-7180 ideal for industrial environments such as automated manufacturing, process control, shipping systems, and route automation.

The MS-7180 raster module contains a stepper motor, which allows precise mirror oscillation up to 135 sweeps per second. It also allows operators to set the raster arc in 1 increments (up to a maximum 45 arc) for the precise coverage required for the application.

Optimizing the MS-7180 to read a label at a specific distance is achieved by the scanner's ability to find the best combination of gain and tracking. The MS-7180 provides a depth of field up to 50 inches and an adjustable scan speed from 600 to 1,000 scans per second. When combined with the programmable arc (up to 45), the MS-7180 enables users to read single or multiple bar codes, in high or low density, and in various locations and orientations.

Heavy gauge, extruded aluminum housing ensures reliability under the most demanding industrial applications by safeguarding the internal circuitry and optical components.

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Microscan has discontinued production of this item.  But don't despair!  We can help you migrate to a modern replacement. Contact us for the details.
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