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Microscan Quadrus

The Quadrus fixed-mount 2D code reader integrates the camera lens, reader/decoder and light source into a compact, rugged enclosure. The Quadrus is equipped with a state-of-the-art image sensor, microprocessor, and custom lensing. Illumination is provided by an array of 20 high-output LEDS. The Quadrus features built in controls (I/Os, matchcode routines, trigger lines, etc).

The new Quadrus 3.0 Data Matrix reader has two new and important software features. The auto calibration function provides a 'one-click' set up for most labels and dramatically reduces set up time. Simply focus the Quadrus on a Data Matrix symbol, select auto-calibrate, and you're done! As with all Microscan products this software functionality resides in the Quadrus firmware and therefore can be invoked with or without ESP. Image-processing Database. This feature allows the Quadrus to recall up to 20 different CCD camera settings for reading a wide variety of Data Matrix symbols. In many applications customers need to read a black and white label in conjunction with a laser-etched metal part. The image-processing database allows you to set up the Quadrus once via the database to read both symbols without additional intervention between reads. If the Quadrus is unable to read with its first setting, it will then try the settings in the database until it finds one that reads. Because the Quadrus cycles through settings in the database, this feature is ideal for static reads. This software functionality resides in the Quadrus firmware and therefore can be controlled with or without ESP.

Other features include: quality outputs for preventative maintenance, dynamic calibration for reading Data Matrix symbols dynamically and evaluation tools for image analysis and troubleshooting.

The Quadrus utilizes unique "Light Mapping" technology that combines proprietary optical illumination with high-speed image processing - critical to rapidly locating and decoding fast moving matrix labels in automated applications such as pharmaceutical packaging, printed circuit board production, electronic component manufacturing, document handling, clinical/diagnostic applications, and automated tape libraries.

Traditional 2D code systems are typically made up of separate components including camera, reader, decoder, and light sources. By contrast, the Quadrus combines all of these components in one compact, industrialized, fully-sealed enclosure. Weighing in at 17.6 ounces and fitting easily in one's hand, the Quadrus reader can be mounted almost anywhere--along conveyor lines or as a component of larger manufacturing equipment. Robust sealed die-cast aluminum housing ensures reliability under the most demanding industrial applications by safeguarding the internal circuitry and optical components. Sophisticated "light-mapping" technology enables the Quadrus to quickly locate the label and decode the information as fast as 300 reads per minute. The Quadrus can read labels any orientation without speed degradation.

Unlike traditional 2D code systems that require intricate custom focusing of an external camera, the Quadrus has calibrated focal lengths at 2 and 4 inches. This equates to less time spent positioning the reader.

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