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Microscan VS310

The VS-310 is the smallest, lightest, and most affordable fixed-mount scanner ever introduced by Microscan. Weighing a scant 3 ounces, VS-310's die-cast metal case has an IP 54 rating, ensuring reliable, accurate performance in the most demanding environments.

The VS-310 is packed with a host of great features, including an exceptionally wide scanning angle, a scanning rate of 60 scans per second, two optional scanning patterns, two programmable relays, and bracketless, top or bottom mounting. Set up and configuration are fast and easy with the VS-310's Windows-based ESP (Easy Set-up Program).

The VS-310 is an ideal scanning solution for clinical analyzers, automated tape libraries, office/library automation applications, photo-finishing equipment, and any system requiring a low-cost, low-speed, ultra-compact scanner. A wide scan angle and short focal point add up to space savings for your system. The VS-310 produces a 4-inch scan line at a distance of 2.75 inches, making it ideal for integration in tight spaces. A 50 pitch and 40 skew allow for flexible label positioning. In addition, the VS-310 can read down a .25-inch slot from a distance of 5 inches.

The smallest and lightest scanner ever offered by Microscan, the VS-310 is big on performance, reliability, and accuracy. The 9-pin mini-DIN connector gives the VS-310 a sleek profile and eliminates the need for bulky mating connectors. Blind-threaded mounting holes allow optional top or bottom mounting without extra accessory brackets. Thanks to its wide scanning angle (a 4-inch scanning beam at a distance of 2.75 inches), the VS-310 can be positioned up close to labels, making it the perfect solution in any system where space is at a premium.

While other scanners offer just one beam pattern, the VS-310 offers optional patterns best suited to your application. Both patterns are projected from a 10-sided spinning mirror. Choose either a single line pattern or a raster pattern.

The VS-310 delivers reliable, trouble-free operation and pinpoint accuracy in even the harshest environments. A die-cast metal housing, industrial sealing, and shielding protect circuitry and optical components against dust and moisture. It allows the operator to verify "good decodes" at a glance with the VS-310's multi-colored LEDs. A programmable beeper provides additional auditory confirmation of read status.

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