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PSC 5300IP9X

Wand Emulation / Keyboard Wedge / Serial TTL / RS-232 Interfaces

The Broadest Working Range In Typical Industrial Applications The 5300IP9X AutoRange™ Bar Code Scanner is an industrial bar code reader which provides the broadest depth of field for reading bar codes in shipping, receiving and inventory management applications. Simply put, this scanner, which incorporates the ability to read both high density paper labels from up close and low density retroreflective labels at long distances, performs the tasks that previously took two different scanners.

Superior Optical Design Provides The Most Versatile Scanning Performance The key to the 5300IP9X scanner's extended depth of field is its advanced optics. Like having two scanners in one, the 5300IP9X scanner is designed with two visible laser diodes, which combined with an efficient optical design, allow it to read bar codes over a broader working range.

In long range applications, the 5300IP9X scanner "reads" lower density bar codes at distances up to 40 ft. (12.2 m) using a long-range laser diode and long-range optical design features. A marker beam assists the operator by momentarily providing an aiming reference point on a label's surface when the scanner's trigger is initially activated.

In near contact applications, from 6 in. (15.2 cm), the scanner "reads" higher density labels utilizing a second near-range laser diode and near-range optical design features. The unique design enables two lasers to work efficiently together for superior overall performance, and allows an operator to use a single scanner for multiple applications... boosting productivity and the bottom line.

Built Tough To Meet The Most Demanding Scanning Requirements The 5300IP9X, like all of PSC's Industrial Performance scanners, is built tough to take the abuse of demanding work environments. A protective rubber boot, reinforced cable connections, and a secure seal to protect from rain and dust, guard against the effects of the harshest environments. Even after sharp blows against a fork lift, or repeated 6 ft. (1.8 m) drops to the ground, the 5300IP9X provides snappy and responsive scanning on tough to read bar codes.

Features and Benefits
  • Audible tone and visible LED indicate "Scanning" and "Good Read"
  • Marker beam assures accurate aiming at long distances
  • A variety of interfaces simplify connectivity to any portable or fixed computer system

Acrobat (PDF) document Spec Sheet   Acrobat (PDF) document Manual  

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