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Dependable High-Speed Scanning In A Compact, Durable Design
The LazerDataŽ 9000E Bar Code Laser Scanner is a compact solution for high-speed bar code scanning applications in a variety of manufacturing, quality control and distribution environments. Its small, rugged design and exceptional performance make it the ideal choice for applications ranging from verification to sorting to automatic manifesting.

Superior Performance For Accurate, Consistent Reads
The LazerDataŽ 9000E scanner's advanced optical performance is achieved using a 670nm visible laser diode or choice of 840nm or 1310nm infrared laser, and rotating polygon mirror on a DC brushless motor. It's designed with speed and reliability in mind. Scan rates up to 2000 per second are produced and the brushless motor design eliminates costly maintenance down time. In fact, the LazerDataŽ 9000E scanner boosts a MTBF rate of 50,000 hours!

To eliminate logjams and keep materials moving through the system, PSC has designed an advanced digital signal processor that boosts information movement capability far in excess of even the 9000E scanner's scan rate. For even further performance enhancement, PSC designed a thermo-electric cooler which prolongs laser life in hostile environments and an optional 10mW or 20mW laser for longer operating range and improved read rates on poor contrast labels.

Built Tough To Last, Yet Simple To Install
A rugged extruded aluminum housing protects the LazerDataŽ 9000E scanner optics and decoding circuitry from the contaminants and other hazards found in harsh industrial environments. And, because the unit is so small, it fits easily into existing systems without requiring modifications to surrounding components.

Installation is further simplified by an optional omni-mount which allows the scanner to be positioned precisely in the desired bar code location and a convenient mounting scheme which accommodates common #6 hardware.

Programmability is also built in. The LazerDataŽ 9000E can be configured for a variety of applications and can be programmed either locally or from the

LD 9000 Features and Benefits
  • Designed especially for high speed quality control, distribution and inventory control
  • Scan rates up to 2000 per second for fast throughput
  • Small size and light weight for easy installation
  • Four discrete outputs
  • Good Read / No Read indicator
  • Optional 10mW and 20mW laser diode for exteded range scanning
  • Choice of NEMA 12, 4 (aluminum) and 4X (stainless steel) scanner enclosures

Spec Sheet   Acrobat (PDF) document Manual
PSC has discontinued production of this item.  But don't despair!  We can help you migrate to a modern replacement. Contact us for the details.
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