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PSC BB-SnapShot

The PSC Europe's handheld laser scanner — the BB-SnapShot — is the right choice for fast, accurate, non-contact scanning. It is a cost-effective laser scanner featuring an ergonomic design, fast, aggressive scanning performance, and a number of features not found in most laser scanners.

Lightweight and compact, the BB-SnapShot withstands repeated 1.5 meter drops to concrete. Non-contact scanning enables the user to easily read bar codes on flat, curved and irregular surfaces up to distances of 91 cm. The BB-SnapShot operates in normal office, retail and industrial environments.

BB-SnapShot is available in undecoded or decoded models. The decoded models can be connected to any supported PC, terminal and POS system as a keyboard wedge, serial, OCIA or RS-485 device.

Undecoded models must be used with MASTER+ decoders or with portable data collection terminals including the PSC PT 2000.

Choose the performance you need with your decoded or undecoded BB-SnapShot laser—standard, enhanced or high density—for reading both colored and thermal labels, as well as aggressively reading poorly printed dot matrix labelsand high density labels as low as 2.5 mils. BB-SnapShot decoded models feature built-in decoding power, providing you with the ability to connect directly to your computer or terminal. Each unit provides you with the same features found in the PSC Master+ decoder; Serial and keyboard wedge interfaces; Supports all popular bar code symbologies; Four types of programming methods: bar code label, bar code batch, serial batch, and on-screen; Laser trigger modes; Full keyboard support.

Each BB-SnapShot laser features an extremely reliable patented Mylar® scan element. Like a tuning fork, the mylar scan element resonates at a fixed frequency, creating motion without wear and tear. Plus, it is shock-proof and durable for non-stopreliability. In fact, the mylar scan element is so reliable that it is backed by its own limited lifetime warranty!

Cabling options for each BB-SnapShot model are easy to configure. Each cable features an RJ-11 connector on one end which plugs into the BB-SnapShot laser's base. The other end of the cable can be ordered to your specific laser model and application and includes PC DIN, Mini DIN, 9-pin and 25-pinRS-232 serial style connectors. An adapter cable allows you to configure your BB-SnapShot to work with any one of the computers and terminals supported by the PSCMaster+.

BB-SnapShot's ergonomic design and aggressive performance is perfect for applications ranging from warehousing, distribution, shipping, receiving, inventory, and point-of-sale applications in a variety of industries including retail, healthcare, and manufacturing.

The BB-SnapShot stand allows you to mount the BB-SnapShot laser in variable positions for hands-free, presentation scanning. Just place the SnapShot scanner into the stand and pass the bar coded items one at a time, underneath the scan head. Quickly remove the BB-SnapShot from the stand when scanning larger items and return it to the stand when finished. The stand's small footprint provides you with lasting convenience when using the laser in a fixed-station environment.

BB-SnapShot Key Features: Compact, ergonomic design; Lightweight, yet rugged; Competitive and cost-effective laser scanning solution; Variety of scanning performances in both decoded and undecoded models; Common interfaces, cabling, programmability, service and support with other PSC decoder products; One manufacturer for all your decoder needs Target Markets/Applications; Retail/POS: check out, inventory control, shipping and receiving; Library: check in/out; Warehousing/distribution: shipping and receiving, inventory control, document tracking; Manufacturing: work in process, lot tracking, inventory control; General office: document tracking, fixed-asset tracking, order entry, account maintenance

Acrobat (PDF) document Spec Sheet   Acrobat (PDF) document Decoded Manual   Acrobat (PDF) document Undecoded Manual Acrobat (PDF) document Smartnet User Guide

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