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PSC CCD Scanner

The PSC CCD scanner is perfect for fast, accurate, non-contact scanning in applications where a wand is not appropriate.

The PSC CCD scanner is significantly lighter, more rugged, and less expensive than most hand-held laser scanners, yet provides the speed and accuracy necessary for busy work stations. And it is simple to use - just aim and shoot.

Available with a 2.4" (6.0 cm) scanning window, this scanner captures the entire bar code instantly, like taking a picture. The PSC decoder then transmits the data to your computer or terminal.

The PSC CCD has an excellent first-try read rate on low-quality labels and labels on curved or irregular surfaces. To ensure a long, maintenance-free life, every CCD scanner is 100% solid-state with no internal moving parts.

No matter how you use bar codes, PSC decoders and CCD non-contact scanners are a fast, effective way to enter data into your computer or terminal and broaden your system's flexibility.

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PSC has discontinued production of this item.  But don't despair!  We can help you migrate to a modern replacement. Contact us for the details.
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