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PSC LD8000

High Speed Performance for Baggage & Parcel Sortation and other Scanning Applications
With its LazerData line, PSC consistently sets new standards for fixed-position scanners. These products' reputation for fast, highly accurate scanning is well known in many industries.

With the LazerData 8000, we raise the standard to a new level. Housed in a remarkably small, rugged package, this scanner offers an integrated decoder, user configurability, and the ability to read labels in a wide range of densities and sizes. In addition, the LazerData 8000 is the first scanner of its kind to offer up to 4-position autofocus for outstanding depth-of-field reading.

Built to Handle High Volume Demands
The LazerData 8000 will deliver excellent performance in package sortation tunnel arrays as well as multiple scanner arrays on airline baggage conveyors. It is ideal for all industrial applications where it is necessary to read randomly placed items on high speed lines.

Its advanced features are many. High performance optics. Durable design. Minimally moving components. With all these advantages, the LazerData 8000 scanner will work flawlessly at the roughest, dirtiest, most demanding tasks - package handling, airline baggage handling, material handling, manufacturing, distribution, and more.

Capabilities include the ability to read tilted labels, to reconstruct damaged labels, and to handle packages with up to 6 labels. The LazerData 8000 performs at 500 scans per second to facilitate reading of high density codes.

An Unbeatable Support Package
PSC backs the LazerData 8000 scanner with outstanding warranty coverage - 18 months. We stand behind you with products that are easy to use, durable, and simple to re-program. And we offer one of the most renowned service and technical support networks in the industry. Find out all the reasons why we give you a complete package - quality products and superb service - for all your package and material handling systems.

LD 8000 Features and Benefits
  • Time Slice™ decoding reconstructive software helps to read defective labels, improving throughput
  • Enhanced depth-of-field reduces the number of scanners needed
  • Delivers ruggedness and reliability in a small, lightweight package that fits anywhere
  • User configurable when applications change
  • Visible laser diodes, cooled and driven at ¼ power for very long life
  • Rotating polygon and autofocus solenoid are the only two moving parts, increasing reliability
  • Communications via RS232, RS422, and RS485 to meet any requirement
  • Can read up to six labels per package for today's multiple label environment
  • Can read up to a 45° label tilt for tough 'tunnel' applications
  • Designed to enable daisy-chain of up to three units

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PSC has discontinued production of this item.  But don't despair!  We can help you migrate to a modern replacement. Contact us for the details.
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