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High Performance Omni-Directional Scanning for a Variety of Applications
The PSC LazerData® 8000LX is a high speed omni-directional scanner designed for use in high speed scanning environments. Unlike single line scanners, the PSC LazerData 8000LX can read bar codes in a wide range of sizes and densities, placed on packages in any orientation. It is exceptionally well suited for applications which include dock door scanning, parcel & package delivery, airline baggage systems, three-sided tunnels, data collection and mail distribution centers.

Built Tough for the Most Demanding Industrial Environments The small, lightweight design of the LazerData 8000LX makes it easy to install and maintain. The unit is self-contained and can be configured for use as a single unit or daisy chained with two additional units to form a more robust scanning array.

Packed with Features to Ensure the Highest Level of Productivity The LazerData 8000LX is designed to improve the productivity of automated, high-speed distribution and sortation systems. TimeSlice™ decoding reconstructive software helps read defective labels, which improves throughput. A brush-less DC motor/rotating polygon with fewer moving parts gives the 8000LX scanner a longer life. And an aggressive scan pattern assures reliable, consistent scanning.

A 30 - 60 in (76 - 152 cm) depth of field (application and bar code dependent) provides a broad scan range for applications with a large variation in package size. With a scan rate of 500 scans per second, even high density codes are read with high accuracy and tremendous efficiency.

LD 8000LX Features and Benefits
  • Small size and light weight for easy installation
  • TimeSlice™ decoding software improves read rate and throughput
  • Daisy chaining possible for up to three units
  • Continuous monitoring of "Power", "Good Read", "No Read",
  • "Good Compare", "No Compare", "Gate Signal"
  • Programming is user configurable
  • Scan rate is 500 scans per second
  • Thermal chip technology cools the visible laser diode
The LazerData 8000LX is perfect for:
  • Baggage and parcel delivery
  • Airline baggage handling
  • Mail distribution applications

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