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PSC PowerWedge Accessories

New Power Supplies Available
To accompany our new line of PowerWedge fixed-station decoders, we are selling new 110- and 220-volt auxiliary power supplies. The new power units (PSC part numbers 00-892-10 and 00-893-10) are identical to the old ones except that the coaxial plugs on the new ones are slightly longer. The new power units will fit all PSC portables, fixed-station decoders, and the PT Dock. They are priced the same as the older units.

The older power units (nos. 00-892-00 and 00-893-00) are not recommended for use with the new PowerWedges; however, you may continue to use them with any other PSC products. If you have older powerunits that you do not expect to sell with portables or docks, please contact PSC Technical Support to exchange them for newer ones.

PowerWedge to Support Data General Interface
PowerWedge 10 and PowerWedge 20 Support More Interfaces than Earlier PSC Decoders Effective August 1, the PowerWedge 10 and PowerWedge 20 decoders will support the interface to Data General. The cable required for the Data General interface is part number 00-114-00. It has a list price of $45. Recognized as a leader in interface support, PSC's PowerWedge line supports more PCs and terminals than their predecessors, the Series 10 Plus and Series 20 Plus decoders. For a complete interface list, see "Supported Terminals and Cable Selection" in PSC's Price Book and Warranty Information. Address your specific Data General or other interface needs to PSC Sales and Technical Support.

PowerWedges Support Symbol Blinking Mode
Designed to meet the most demanding needs for laser scanning of bar codes, PSC's PowerWedge fixed-station decoders provide users with a wide range of laser trigger modes, including Symbol blinking mode. Symbol Blinking Mode Allows Hands-Free Scanning Supported by each PowerWedge model, Symbol blinking mode features automatic scanning when a Symbol LS4000 laser scanner is mounted in Symbol's IntelliStand laser stand. To set it up, combine either the Mini PowerWedge, PowerWedge 10, or PowerWedge 20 decoder with a Symbol LS4000 laser scanner and IntelliStand. (If you prefer, you can use a Symbol LS2000 scanner with its IntelliStand.)

Ideal for checkout-counter or point-of-sale use, this new trigger mode provides a unique interface between the PowerWedge and the laser for flexible hands-free scanning while allowing normal scanning operation when the scanner is removed from the stand.

Configuring Symbol Blinking Mode Is Quick and Easy To program the decoder to use Symbol blinking mode, the user just scans the bar code label provided for it in the PowerWedge user's guide. (You can also use the bar code menu that comes with the decoder to program it.) When Symbol blinking mode is activated and the LS4000 scanner is placed in its IntelliStand, the laser beam blinks on and off in a special sequence as it attempts to detect a bar code within its scan range. To read a bar code on a large or bulky item, the user can remove the laser from the stand and scan normally. When the scanner is returned to the stand, it will restart the blinking operation automatically. To change to another trigger mode, the user removes the laser from the stand and scans the bar code label for the desired mode. (The user can also program the decoder using the bar code menu.)

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