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(not available in North America)

The Problem You need the flexibility and convenience of "cable-free" bar code scanning, but a portable data terminal has far more features than you need - and too high a price.

The Solution The SP400RF - the latest model to join PSC's SP400 family of handheld laser scanners. With the SP400RF, operators are able to collect and then transmit bar code data to a base station as far as 40 meters (131 feet) away.

Proven Narrow Band Technology High reliability is assured because the SP400RF uses proven, narrow band communications technology - the most efficient way to transmit relatively small "packets" of bar code data to a host.

Auto-Discrimination The SP400RF automatically discriminates amongst a maximum of 13 different bar code types, making it the ideal scanning solution for point-of-sale (POS) and inventory tracking applications.

Flexible, Multi-Function Base Station Maximizes Productivity

Integrated Charging Stand with POS Interface The SP400RF base station consists of an integrated charging stand with POS interface. Each SP400RF scanner "links" to its base station through a unique bar code identification tag. As operators move into a new work area, they can quickly link their scanners to the new location by scanning the tag on any available base station.

Simultaneous "Scan & Charge" For the ultimate in uninterrupted scanning productivity, the base station can recharge a backup battery even while the scanner is in use. This unique 'Scan & Charge" feature provides extended periods of continuous operation, while saving the unnecessary expense and counter space of separate chargers. When not in use, the scanner stands vertically in the small-footprint base station, ready for the next operator.

Meets The Challenges Of Any Environment

Multiple scanners in the same work area When multiple devices are operating within the same work area, the SP400RF can be configured to avoid radio interference. Operators can select amongst nine programmable transmission channels and multiple power settings to define the optimal configuration and to ensure reliable data transmission.

Durability by Design For durability in rugged work areas, the SP400RF's rounded head and cushioned internal assembly redistribute shock and protect the scanner from damage when dropped. In fact, the SP400RF has been proven reliable after more than ten 1.5 meter (5 foot) drops onto concrete. Plus, the SP400RF features a tough, rubber bumper around the scan head to protect the scan window and to prevent the scanner from slipping when placed on a countertop.

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PSC has discontinued production of this item.  But don't despair!  We can help you migrate to a modern replacement. Contact us for the details.
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