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PSC SureScan 990/992

Reliable Omnidirectional Scanning For The Most Demanding Distribution Applications
The PSC LazerData SureScan Omnidirectional Scanner reads bar code labels at high speeds, regardless of label orientation, making it the ideal solution for distribution center and high-volume material handling applications. Its technologically advanced design brings greater accuracy, flexibility and operational efficiency to critical sorting and data tracking applications.

Packed With Performance Features To Keep Materials Flowing Smoothly
The SureScan Scanner reads bar codes at speeds in excess of 600ft (182.9m) per minute with item separation as close as 4in (10.2cm), so materials continue moving without creating costly bottlenecks. To further improve throughput, PSC patented TimeSlice™ decoding software reconstructs damaged and hard-to-read bar codes at near real time speed. This process improves overall system performance and reduces the amount of re-work associated with repairing and repositioning faulty labels.

Since speed and accuracy are so vital to high-speed material handling applications, the SureScan Scanner utilizes a parallel RISC processor to decode up to sixteen codes per item through a 40in (101.6cm) field of view without mechanical focusing hardware. Solid state (VLD) lasers, with on-board diagnostics, promote maximum scanner uptime and performance, while sealed optics eliminate costly maintenance. A single moving part design (a brushless DC motor) is the heart of the SureScan Scanner, making it the most reliable high-speed scanner of its kind.

Modularity And Broad Compatibility Simplify Integration Into Existing Systems
The SureScan Scanner is available in four configurations to maximize performance in material handling applications. The software is user configurable and provides extensive on-board diagnostics to facilitate and expedite problem resolution. To insure trouble free installations, the SureScan Scanner interfaces with all popular conveyor and sorter control systems.

Unmatched Technical Support And Customer Service
PSC is dedicated to providing the best solutions and support for bar code scanning applications throughout every phase of the manufacturing / retail supply chain. When it comes to consistent, reliable scanning, PSC has the products and support needed to keep any data collection operation running smoothly.

SureScan 990/992 Features and Benefits
  • Omnidirectional scan pattern to read labels in any orientation
  • Scan parcels passing along conveyors at speeds up to 600 feet per minute
  • Top or side mounting for maximum label coverage
  • Low 125W power consumption
  • Visible laser diodes

Spec Sheet
PSC has discontinued production of this item.  But don't despair!  We can help you migrate to a modern replacement. Contact us for the details.
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