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PSC SureScan HS

Advanced imaging performance for reliable scanning of bottom positioned labels
The SureScan® HS Linear Omni Scanner is the most advanced solution for reading labels positioned on the bottom of parcels in high-speed scanning systems. With scan rates of up to 20,000 per second, it reliably reads medium to high-density codes at conveyor speeds up to 600' (183 m) per minute.

The ideal solution for true 6-sided tunnel scanning systems
The SureScan® HS Linear Omni seamlessly integrates with PSC's Tunnel Scanning Systems or can be used in other configurations that require true bottom scanning capabilities. It is ideally suited for high-speed sorting and tracking systems in warehouses and distribution centers, and for airline baggage handling systems.

Maximum performance to compliment high-speed scanning systems
The positioning of four charge coupled device (CCD) scanners under a gap in the conveyor belt provides unprecedented reading accuracy. Since the SureScan® HS Linear Omni Scanner is focused at a fixed reading distance from the bottom of the belt, it can read labels on any parcel regardless of its height. With scan rates up to 20,000 scans per second, it reads through a gap as small as 0.5" (1.3 cm) and has a horizontal resolution 200 DPI for reading even high density codes.

Since the conveyor gap required is minimal, no protective plate is required so flow disruption is avoided. The decoding and interface architecture is based on proven high-speed bar code scanning technology and can resolve medium to high-density codes on parcels passing through a tunnel at speeds up to 600' (183 m) per minute. Further, these systems have been installed in numerous material handling facilities and have passed aggressive testing in both controlled environments and real world field applications.

Consistent reading even of poor quality labels
The SureScan® HS Linear Omni Scanner utilizes a unique optical design with a dispersed laser light source that generates less heat than other solutions currently on the market. This design provides reliable reading even on poorly printed labels in varying light conditions.

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