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Psion Teklogix 8525 G2
Psion Teklogix

Features & Benefits

Too rugged for their own good
The 8525 G2 and the 8530 G2 take ruggedness to new extremes, operating comfortably at temperatures between -30ºC to +60ºC (-22°F to 140°F). Thanks to heated components and exceptional sealing, the 8525 G2/8530 G2 can handle the heavy condensation that occurs when driving from a cold warehouse to a warm receiving dock. They’ve earned an IP66 rating, so you never worry about dust or moisture causing downtime.

The heart of the powerhouse
The power that comes from forklift truck batteries can be very nasty - high voltage peaks and gaps without power. The 8525 G2 and 8530 G2 are designed with the experience of four generations of vehicle mount computers. The wide-range 10-90V power supply allows installation on any truck without the need for pre-regulators, additional power supplies or filters and… additional cost.

You want a vehicle mount computer that still runs while the truck power is down? No problem with the optional internal backup battery of the 8525 G2 / 8530 G2.

The tech package
The 8525 G2 and the 8530 G2 are Microsoft Windows® based, so integration couldn’t be simpler and application development is a no-brainer. So when your business expands, the technology’s ready and waiting to expand with you.

Both the 8525 G2 and the 8530 G2 are jammed with technology including the XScale® processor, WiFi, Bluetooth® and narrowband connectivity while a range of external ports allows you to connect to just about any kind of peripheral. These are no lightweights.

Screen envy
The 8525 G2 boasts an impressive half VGA 640 x 240 (8.8”) colour touch-screen display, so workers never need squint again.

As for the 8530 G2 – this is where it really comes in to its own. It’s packing a full SVGA 800 x 600 (10.4”) color touch-screen display. The display is readable in all lighting conditions – including direct sunlight. Workers, quite simply, love it.

Acrobat (PDF) document Spec Sheet

Want to get the most from your Psion Teklogix 8525 G2?

Did you know we have a large staff of programmers who can make our products work with any system, including yours?

Did you know we provide total solutions including complete, on-site integration services, as well as custom, semi-custom, and packaged software to lower your operation costs, increase your accuracies and maximize your bottom line?

Did you know you can click here to contact us for more information about the Psion Teklogix 8525 G2 or any of our other products, services and software?
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Our programmers can make the Psion Teklogix 8525 G2 work with your existing system. Contact us to learn how.

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