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Mettler Toledo Lynx
Mettler Toledo

The LYNX® terminal combines flexibility and speed with an easy-to-use operator interface to meet a wide range of weighing needs quickly and reliably. It is ideal for use in applications in food, chemical, manufacturing, and other industries that require weight accumulation, dynamic weighing, storing of tare weights, or operator prompting for sequencing. Operating the terminal is easy. It communicates to the operator with human readable messages and input prompts. Repetitious processes can easily be automated to minimize operator interaction and to ensure desirable results. The terminal supports many types of scales and connects to a variety of peripherals, including printers, bar code scanners, and discrete I/O devices.

Features and Benefits
  • The LYNX terminal uses METTLER TOLEDO’s exclusive TraxDSP technology to provide the best mix of filtering and speed for responsive and stable weighing results.
  • Data memory stores and recalls transaction parameters and accumulates and stores production data to improve weight process accounting.
  • Print and data templates allow free formatting for serial data output to printers and for transaction data record storage.
Housing: Brushed stainless steel
Degree of protection: NEMA 4X (IP65)
Display: 10-character, alphanumeric, vacuum fluorescent, 0.44 in (11 mm); updated 10 times per second
Keypad: 20-key, numeric, function & alpha input, polyester overlay
Interfaces: Serial, discrete, analog, BCD
Applications: Accumulation, Dynamic Weighing, Filling, ID/Tare, Data
Suitable platforms / weigh modules: RS232/422/485, Analog, DigiTOL load cells
Dimensions: 254 x 178 x 82 mm
Resolution: 2,000,000 counts analog
A/D rate (int./ext): 300/20 analog
Digital Input/Output: 3 in/5 out
Number of attachable platforms: 1
Options: Analog output, x-purge enclosure, accessories
Resolution (approvable): 6000e

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