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Xplore iX104c2
Xplore Technologies

Xplore’s iX104C2 is a perfect fit in applications where there are more stringent shock and vibration immunity requirements.

In today's dynamic work place, many companies have turned to mobile automation as a means of enhancing operating efficiencies and providing better service to customers. Many of these applications occur in mobile and/or harsh environments, which dictate the requirements for a ruggedized mobile computer. Mobile workers need access to information while they are in the field and the nature of Xplore’s rugged mobile computers is the answer.

Our products are designed for workers that are mobile and/or operate in challenging working conditions on a daily basis. With value and performance, the iX104C2 is powerful, mobile, reliable and can withstand more punishment.

Magnesium chassis, internal frames and a patented and proven mechanism for durability can be found on Xplore’s rugged products. No longer will organizations have to allot resources to deal with damaged computers and the repair costs to return those damaged units to the field. Thorough environmental stress testing verifies this reliability so that mobile workers can be effective at their jobs.

Xplore’s AllVue™ screen technology reduces reflectivity and glare, and increases brightness and contrast, therefore boosting screen view ability in all lighting conditions including direct sunlight.

Compatibility is not an issue with Xplore’s rugged mobile computers. Our products are designed around industry standards. At the heart of the iX104C2 is an Intel Pentium M 733 processor that enables the use of a full Windows operating system. Mobile workers can leverage the same applications that they would in an office environment. Flexible implementation allows for compatibility with the rapidly growing base of connections.

Our highly functional, durable and reliable desktop and mobile docking solutions are specifically tailored to the various vertical market applications such as on a desktop, in a vehicle, on a forklift, on a mobile cart or on a wall.

Easy to Use
Our advanced active digitizer and combination Dual Mode active pen and finger touch technologies automatically switch between active stylus and resistive finger touch input for increased accuracy, responsiveness and durability.

The iX104C2 is designed to use Lithium Ion battery technology, allowing mobile workers to function independently in the field longer while at the same time saving economic resources spent to purchase extra battery packs. Furthermore, the iX104C2 has several carry cases and handle options to enhance its portability.

Low Cost of Ownership
The rugged design extends the life of the unit and offers longer life cycle, as well as reduced failure rates therefore, reducing user downtime. Because we understand your applications, we know you can’t tolerate repairs and downtime which can negatively impact a user’s productivity.

With Xplore’s rugged Tablet PCs, organizations can potentially realize greater returns on their investments by offering better efficiency in the field and lower technical support costs.

When your application requires a mobile computer that is built for demanding conditions and flexible enough to meet your needs – choose Xplore.

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Want to get the most from your Xplore iX104c2?

Did you know we have a large staff of programmers who can make our products work with any system, including yours?

Did you know we provide total solutions including complete, on-site integration services, as well as custom, semi-custom, and packaged software to lower your operation costs, increase your accuracies and maximize your bottom line?

Did you know you can click here to contact us for more information about the Xplore iX104c2 or any of our other products, services and software?
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Our programmers can make the Xplore iX104c2 work with your existing system. Contact us to learn how.

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