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Physical Inventory and Cycle Counting
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How do I do a Physical Inventory

Bar Code Equipment Rental Program



Current Directions bar code equipment rental program can address your short term or long term needs for additional mobile hand held computers while eliminating the need for unnecessary capital expenditures, storage, and maintenance costs.



The Current Directions bar code equipment rental program is designed to provide short term access to modern rugged mobile hand held computers. The rental program will allow you to equip your staff with additional mobile computers to help with physical inventories, cycle counts, retail inventory counts, trade shows, seasonal fluctuations, or any other business event that necessitates the need for additional equipment without removing devices from your existing operations that would disrupt ongoing business activities.



The bar code rental program is an ideal way to minimize capital expenditures for equipment that is only used for a short term business need. Equipment can be reserved up to three years in advance, enabling you to plan ahead and remove some of the uncertainty for your seasonal needs or inventory counting.



Comprehensive Support:


The Current Directions team is dedicated to providing you with the support you need for a successful rental experience. Each mobile computer rented includes support services, charging equipment, power supply, spare battery, and cables. Our team will test all equipment, charge all batteries, configure the devices to run in your environment, and install software applications so the devices are ready to operate the moment they arrive at your facility.



Application Software:


Current Directions offers the Scan2Track family of inventory counting software that can be purchased and configured to your exact needs for Physical inventory counting, Cycle counting, or Retail inventory counts.



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