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O'Neil PrintPAD

Portable Integrated Printing Systems

Integrated Printing Systems combine O’Neil printers with the industry’s leading mobile computers to provide the ultimate integration and portability for users in route accounting, direct store delivery (DSD), and other field mobile applications.

The PrintPAD portable printer offers innovative mobile printing for rugged environments to enable the production of hard copy back-ups of digital information and signature printing, as well as the generation of receipts, tickets, labels, and barcodes for a variety of applications. This integrated system combines an O'Neil 4.41 inch wide (112 mm) thermal printer in a rugged case and an embedded communications charging cradle designed for use in a number of different applications with variety of Motorola® and Hand Held Products™ mobile computers.

Mobile Computer Compatibility

The PrintPAD supports the following mobile computer models:

Honeywell - Dolphin® 7900

Application Functions

Beverage and food sales - Generate up to 2,240 6-in. (150-mm) receipts with graphics and logos

Field service - Print work summary reports at the point-of-service

Law enforcement - Generate citations or tickets at the roadside

Route accounting and direct store delivery (DSD) - Print real-time information, such as inventory level data at the customer site or in the warehouse

Rugged mobile point of sale (POS) - Scan items, take credit card payment and issue a customer receipt anywhere on the premises (requires optional magstripe reader)

Proof of delivery - Print high-resolution signatures

Transportation and logistics - Print compliance shipping and inventory labels

Designed for Comfort and Ease of Use

The PrintPAD™ with integrated carry strap and optional shoulder strap is designed for maximum user comfort. The PrintPAD™ simply “wakes up” automatically when data is received so there are no buttons or switches required for operation. After printing, the PrintPAD™ returns to “sleep” mode to conserve battery life without any user intervention.

Mission-Critical, Global Mobility Solutions

Meet your mobile application challenges with the PrintPAD™ Series one-piece printing solution. To ensure that the PrintPAD™ printers meet your language needs today—and tomorrow, any international character set can be added.

*PrintPAD™ is a trademark of O'Neil Product Development, Inc.

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Want to get the most from your O'Neil PrintPAD?

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