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The following are examples of actual systems installed by Current Directions. Each solution has been custom designed and developed specifically to satisfy the exact needs of our clients.
   Application    Industry
   Asset Tracking    Government
   Automated Load Tags    Glass Products - Manufacturing
   Automatic Sortation    Horticulture
   Container Tracking    Chemical - Manufacturing
   Conveyor Routing & Automated Rack Storage    Automotive - Manufacturing
   Equipment Maintenance    Space Exploration
   Fan Attendance Tracking    Education
   Integration / Fault Tolerant Transaction Routing    Wood Products - Manufacturing
   Inventory Tracking    Steel - Manufacturing
   Load Verification    Food - Manufacturing
   Machine Control    Steel - Manufacturing
   Package Labeling    Hose - Manufacturing
   Physical Inventory & Cycle Count    Hair Care - Manufacturing
   Physical Inventory & Cycle Count    Hose - Manufacturing
   Physical Inventory / Percent of Yield    Horticulture
   Physical Inventory / Stockroom    Transportation
   Raw Materials Inventory Control    Paper Products - Manufacturing
   Recipe Weighing    Rubber Products - Manufacturing
   Shipping Control    Paper Products - Manufacturing
   Testing System    Lamp - Manufacturing
   Time and Attendance    Carbon Products - Manufacturing
   Time and Attendance    Diesel Engines - Service & Repair
   Time and Attendance    Wood Products - Manufacturing
   Time and Attendance / Labor Data Collection    Aviation Products - Manufacturing
   Time and Attendance / Labor Data Collection    Plastics - Manufacturing
   Unattended Truck Weighing    Wood Products - Manufacturing
   Vehicle Maintenance    Transportation
   Vendor Managed Inventory    Paper Products - Manufacturing
   Weigh Counting    Rubber Products - Manufacturing
   Weigh Counting & Kitting    Electronics - Manufacturing
   Work In Process (WIP) Tracking    Diesel Engines - Manufacturing
   Work In Process (WIP) Tracking    Glass Products - Manufacturing
In addition to the list above, we have many more success stories to share, so if your specific interest is not mentioned below, please contact us. We look forward to helping you become the next success.

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