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The Scan2Track family of software applications is designed to be fully configurable to each customer's unique needs without incurring custom software costs. Each of the Scan2Track applications comes with all of the tools necessary to directly integrate to a customer's existing business system or can run "stand-alone". Customers can purchase the specific application needed to solve their business need or an entire inventory management solution.

Scan2Track - Inventory Management

Scan2Track - Inventory Management bundles all aspects of inventory activities in one easy to use system to manage receipts, put-away, move, organize, picking, and counting that is fully configured to meet your exact requirements.

Scan2Track - Receiving

Scan2Track - Receiving software is a cost-effective tool that provides instant visibility of received items regardless of the source and a simple method of directing receiving personnel to put the items in their proper storage location.

Scan2Track - Picking

Scan2Track - Picking allows picking & staging control for a multitude of shipping types & tracking methods as well as picking methods. Shipping types include picking to Transfers (Transfers to owned plants/warehouses), Customer Orders, Production Orders and/or Outside Processors. Picking methods are customer configured to handle wave picking, item bulk, and/or order picking. Additionally, the secondary picking ensures that every order is packed correctly.

Scan2Track - Pack Verify

Scan2Track - Pack Verify software is a foolproof and simple method of ensuring that every order is picked and packed correctly the first time. Packing accuracy will help you keep your customers happy and eliminate costs associated with returns, restocking, and freight charges.

Scan2Track - Physical Inventory and Cycle Counting

Scan2Track - Physical Inventory and Cycle Counting software offers an easy to use solution for your counting needs as a stand-alone counting tool or as a front end to your existing business system. Contact us today to learn how you can get your inventory under control, dramatically reduce counting time, and save money on your first count with Scan2Track!

Scan2Track - Pallet/Load & Carton Control

Scan2Track - Pallet/Load & Carton Control is designed to permit packing personnel an easy method of requesting customer specific carton labels, serial number labels, generic stock labels to customer defined label printers. Pallet/Load label procedures allow for grouping cartons together so that serialized pallet labels can be generated for single scan tracking of all items on the pallet. Contact us for more information

Scan2Track - Stockroom

Scan2Track - Stockroom allows for managing all aspects of the stockroom inventory with a hand held, PC client with connected hand scanner at the counter or both. Receiving is driven by scanning the desired order(s) and items to be received. Issuance can be by work order, job order, production order, and/or employee. When the work is complete the Returns procedure permits return to stock of all unused items thereby providing an accurate record of items used to fulfill the job/work order activities. Contact us for more information

Scan2Track - Check In/Out

Scan2Track - Check In/Out software will help you ensure that the correct items are checked out and in faster and more accurately than ever before. This cost effective tool puts the power in your hands to manage who has each item, where it is being used and for what purpose.

Scan2Track - Recipe

Scan2Track - Recipe provides a fully automated method for compounding batches by displaying all the necessary information pertaining to a work order such as the recipe list, current ingredient status, batch size, minimum and maximum weight for each scanned ingredient, serialized tracking of each ingredient, and current scale weight from one-to-many scales. Contact us for more information

Scan2Track - Scale

Scan2Track - Scale can be configured to manage all aspects of weigh counting from truck scales to piece counting from a single scale or multiple scales. Contact us for more information

Scan2Track - User Defined Transactions

Scan2Track - User Defined Transaction is designed to give you the ability to customize data entry or system query templates to fit your unique needs. Each transaction in the system can be configured to include prompting sequences, data validations, help screens, and error control. Once you have tailored the procedure, you are ready to get started scanning! Contact us for more information

Scan2Track - Host Data Processor

Scan2Track - Host Data Processor is a configurable communications interface program that typically resides in the server and allows us to automate the data interchange between the host business system(s) and the Scan2Track family of products. It is capable of communicating with one-to-many host applications concurrently and multiple iterations of Scan2Track applications. Contact us for more information

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