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Check In / Check Out Software


What can it do for you?

•  Easily identify where items are located
•  Accurately identify who has each item
•  Reduce or eliminate cost of lost or stolen items
•  Reduce Check-in and Check-out errors
•  On-Demand item labels
•  Save time by using the latest technology
•  Save money by doing more with less personnel
•  Adapt to your unique business methods
•  Get started quickly - as little as 30 minutes
Scan2Track Check In / Check Out software will help you ensure that the correct items are checked out and in faster and more accurately than ever before. This affordable software will provide you convenience, ease of use, and flexibility. Time is saved with easy installation, accuracy, and the ability to instantly access item information. Money is saved with the elimination of paper forms, tags, and key-entry activities. Flexibility comes from the choice of a wide variety of hand held devices to fit any budget or work environment. This cost effective tool puts the power in your hands to manage who has each item, where it is being used and for what purpose.

Easy Set Up

The Scan2Track Check In / Check Out software is configured to fit your unique requirements by one of our team members.

5 Easy Steps:

  1. We conduct an interview to detail exactly how you want Scan2Track to work for you
  2. We define and create the hand held prompting procedures with all data validation needed
  3. We define the source of all data imports/exports and provide the interface to your existing systems
  4. Testing is coordinated with appropriate internal staff to ensure all aspects of the application is working as expected
  5. On-line user training

Easy to Use

Check in and Check out personnel are presented with straight forward, easy to understand prompting sequences that lead them through the check in and check out activities. Immediate validation of all entries ensures accuracy and completeness. Check-in activities include receiving of new items as well as items being checked back in after use. Check-out procedures are simple to use and the result is an accurate record of where items are located, who has them and what they are being used for.

Easy to Integrate

Scan2Track Check In / Check Out software was designed and built to easily integrate to external sources from the ground up. Communication with existing databases, legacy systems, and network environments can be accomplished with intuitive easy to use interface tools. Information exchange between your host business system and the check in/out personnel provides real-time accurate information to your host. You can integrate to one or more host environments simultaneously, such as your host business system and an application that may reside on the local network. Virtually any host platform is supported.

Easy to Customize

Although Scan2Track Check In/Out software comes with all of the procedures necessary to get started, the software is designed to give you the ability to customize methods to fit your unique check in and out methods and needs. Each transaction in the system can be configured to include prompting sequences, data validations, help screens, and error control. Once modifications are made, the system will automatically re-generate the procedure to include all your changes. You can change or add transactions without custom programming charges. The unique capabilities offered by Scan2Track Check In/Out software will allow you to make the software fit your environment. Start with the standard predefined templates and tailor them to work exactly the way you want. When upgrades are provided you gain the benefit of the new features without fear of changing your customized version.

Save Time

Time is money, and the benefits realized from using Scan2Track Check In / Check Out software will save a tremendous amount of time. In fact, most customers can cost justify their purchase within the first year’s use.

These time savings are accomplished by:

Elimination of:
- Key entry procedures
- Hand written documents
- The interpretation of written information

Reduction of:
- Lost items
- Stolen items

Flexibility and Technology


Scan2Track Check In / Check Out software can be used with a wide variety of bar code equipment. You are, therefore, able to select the equipment most suitable to your work environment and tasks.
Intermec Easy Coder 7421 Intermec 3400 Zebra s600 Options include stationary terminals, wedge readers, batch hand helds, RF hand helds, and a wide array of barcode printers from some of the most well known manufacturers in the business.

Proven Technology

All elements of Scan2Track Check In / Check Out software make use of the latest industry standard development tools from some of the most well respected names in the industry. By incorporating the familiar graphical interface from Microsoft, system operations are consistent and easy to use. This allows you to leverage your investment in existing computer-based tools without the expense of learning new operator interfaces. Scan2Track Check In / Check Out software is designed to use Microsoft or Oracle databases guaranteeing you get the most reliable, flexible and efficient data storage systems available. Your staff is then empowered to manipulate or interface collected information easily with existing data systems. Powerful, rugged, and easy to use devices from Honeywell/Intermec and Zebra/Motorola give you the reliability and durability you require for the most demanding shop floor environments. These manufacturers offer a vast array of hand held equipment that feature large displays and full keyboards enabling instant functionality "out of the box".
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Single Source Solution

Current Directions has been assisting companies automate their shop floor data collection activities for over 30 years. This wealth of experience was put to use to develop Scan2Track Check In / Check Out software resulting in software with unparalleled flexibility, power, and simplicity. Current Directions offers a comprehensive range of services to guide you through all aspects of your application needs. These services include design, software, hardware, customization, integration, installation assistance, training, and post sale support. We build systems and develop long-term relationships with our customers through our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. Contact us today so that we can begin working with you to improve your business.

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