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The Application Design Report is an in-depth analysis of everything required to implement the new solution. It takes the steps begun in the Needs Analysis Report and expands, defines and refines every aspect of the project.
The process includes the following steps:

On-site interviews of all in-house parties involved to define needs, concerns, and objectives. This can include upper management, managers, supervisors, individual users, and even clients. Not only does this detail all needs and current concerns, but it promotes a feeling of active involvement for all parties.
Current procedures are then detailed, including:

Any existing data collection methods
Operator functions
Housekeeping procedures
Supervisory functions
Site limitations
Procedural limitations

The needs of each user group are defined in terms of input, output, and implementation. All points of interaction between existing procedures and the new one are defined, including:

Application hooks available for data
Exact equipment required
Specific device interfaces necessary
Redundancy requirements
Security considerations
Up-time for information exchange
Site preparation requirements

All project management activities and implementation processes are detailed including, but not limited to:

overall implementation schedule
individual task responsibilities
deployment phase timetables and milestones
fall-back procedures
back-up methods and procedures

The Application Design Report includes a database design of the necessary information and the interrelationships, and structure.
It can include a process design comparison of the old procedure vs. the new one.

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