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The main ingredient to any successful shop-floor implementation is the ability to integrate diverse systems environments successfully. Current Directions takes advantage of numerous technologies to provide the interoperability necessary to optimize performance while protecting existing infrastructure investments.

  Device Integration:

To increase the effectiveness of today's advanced business systems, timely and accurate process execution of information is the key. To accomplish this, fast and reliable shop floor device integration has become an essential part of the process. Current Directions' offers proven interfaces to a vast array of industrial shop-floor devices. These interfaces provide simplified, reliable and direct device control from within a company's existing programming environment.

  Applications Integration:

Current Directions specializes in creating innovative, tangible benefits for our customers by integrating real-time shop floor information into new or existing business systems. Because we leverage our vast experience in deploying hundreds of integration projects, our solutions are time-efficient, reliable and robust.

  Operating Systems Integration:

Corporate computer infrastructures typically consist of an assortment of operating environments. Whether your infrastructure is currently running UNIX, OS/400, IBM mainframes, Netware, or Windows, Current Directions can successfully integrate your environment.

  Database Integration:

Today's database systems are challenged to meet the needs of real time responsiveness while at the same time, maintaining accessibility to management for queries and reports. Current Directions has extensive experience in designing proven methods capable of mediating data access to satisfy the most time sensitive shop floor systems.

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