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Independent Analysis = Innovative Solutions

The Current Directions consulting services are designed to support you through every step you will need to take to improve your company. Working in partnership with you throughout the entire process or supplying a single service; the versatile CD team is ready with the expertise and experience to help your company meet any challenge.


As an independent outside entity, the CD team evaluates your specified concerns or procedures, and helps identify the cost savings associated with implementing a new approach. Armed with a vast knowledge of the latest innovations, extensive industrial experience, and real-world creativity, Current Directions analyzes the area of concern based on technical possibilities and financial feasibility; then presents the best possible solutions.

  Needs Analysis:

Once the general study is completed and a solution is selected, a detailed needs analysis report is prepared. Here Current Directions clarifies the potential process by describing everything needed to implement it. This includes project scope, equipment, personnel, time, education, and application development. It also covers all cost projections necessary to satisfy budget needs and internal requests for funds. This report gives everyone involved a clear, easily understood picture of the entire process.


Once the Needs Analysis is completed, the CD team presents exactly what it will take to achieve these goals as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Three separate reports are prepared to this end:
  • The system process report
  • The application design report
  • The database design report

These reports detail everything needed for implementation of the project, from every piece of equipment to the structure and flow of all information. With these reports in hand, every participant can easily identify elements of the solution. The expectations of all parties are identified and incorporated.

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