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You know the procedure that will improve your bottom line. Now, how to realize it? The CD team specializes in analyzing just what it will take to get you to your goal - people, money, equipment, training and time. Every step of the process is clearly mapped and presented in detail; showing you a way through previously uncharted waters.
This report identifies the following:

Application requirements and estimated cost to develop
Interface requirements and estimated cost to implement
Equipment needed (scanners, printers, readers, etc.)
Interface equipment needed ( controllers, network peripherals, etc.)
Cabling, accessories, and related support products
Power requirements

This information is an invaluable tool for assessing:

Return on investment
In-house resources required to implement the solution
Contracted resources required to implement the solution
New educational requirements of in?house personnel
Development and organization of the overall project scope
Future growth considerations

With this report in hand, everyone involved has a well-defined picture of the entire project. The project coordinator can use the report to clearly identify the investment return cycle to satisfy any budget needs and internal requests for funds.

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