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A Current Directions study assists you in analyzing current areas of concern, and then presenting the best possible method or methods of improvement. The study provides all the necessary data needed to evaluate the potential change, including what benefits you may realize. The study takes the following steps:

  Defining the Problem

There are generally two main types of problems faced by companies. An incident problem is when a single well-defined re-occurring event has costly ramifications to the business. A procedural problem is when a function or process needs improvement due to inefficiencies, high labor costs, or other reasons.

For an incident problem the report includes defining:

  • Potential cost per incident
  • Operating method
  • Frequency of problem occurrence
  • Areas, equipment, personnel, involved
  • Possible external influences involved

For a procedural problem the report includes defining:

  • Current costs
  • Existing operating method
  • Areas, equipment, personnel, involved
  • Possible external influences involved
The CD team understands it is often difficult for in-house staff to objectively evaluate procedural issues. Our experts can step in during this problem-defining phase and examine the procedure from a new, unbiased experienced viewpoint; and perform in a comfortable, non-threatening atmosphere for all involved.

  Defining Potential Solutions

Perhaps you have an idea that might be applicable, or you just want to know the options. Current Directions will offer innovative suggestions based on their expertise in the latest technologies, their experience providing solutions to a wide range of industries, and a thorough study of your specific objectives.

  Defining the Benefits

The report presents the feasibility, practicality and, impact of each solution.
Benefits are carefully evaluated and clearly stated: better use of resources, improvement of product quality, time management, and, ultimately, your financial gain.

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