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Data collection systems expand the capability of business application packages by allowing real time data exchange with shop floor personnel and the "IT" department.
Moreover, as today's workforce becomes more mobilized, the need for data collection devices to be seamlessly linked to the business application becomes imperative to modern business competing in a global economy. Current Directions has put numerous companies back in the driver's seat with their business application software by providing seamless integration to their shop floor collection devices. The possibilities and benefits are limited only by your imagination.
Current Directions provides countless innovative and useful benefits to many business applications by integrating real-time shop floor information to already-in-use business packages. By using proven integration methods and techniques Current Directions' staff provides time-efficient installations in a variety of business situations. All of our business application integration projects result in the following:
  • Improved flow of information from the shop floor to the application and thus to management.
  • Automatic & seamless posting of transactions to currently in-use applications.
  • Simplified shop floor data entry procedures that are validated instantly by having access to business system data.
  • Data is validated in accordance with the customers' business rules.
  • Data extraction from many types of application databases, using read only methods, which can be set to run at user-defined intervals.
In order to remain competitive in today's marketplace industry must obtain timely and accurate information from their business applications. To meet this objective, Current Directions is continually assisting companies improve the information flow from the shop floor to their business systems. Below is a partial list of software packages that we have successfully integrated to data collection systems.
  • 4th Shift
  • ADP
  • American Software
  • Bartender
  • Basic Four
  • Epicor
  • Harbinger
  • Loftware
  • NetSuite
  • Oracle - ERP
  • QuickBooks
  • Real World
  • SAP
  • Starcom
  • Stelplan
  • Sterling Commerce
  • Telesis
  • Xerox Chess

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