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Today's business applications have an enormous appetite for data. In order for management to accurately assess what is happening with their real-time processes, they must embrace shop floor device integration. Thereby increasing the effectiveness of their investment in state of the art business systems.
The Current Directions' development team offers proven, well-defined interfaces to a vast array of devices. These interfaces extend the ability of popular programming languages, by allowing direct control using known programming methods. Thus, providing in-house staff the ability to concentrate on the applications rather than the morass of endless details associated with device protocols, data communications principles, and device characteristics.
Numerous customers have benefited from Current Directions' ability to provide ingenious interfaces for a wide variety of devices that successfully communicate in real time with their own application packages. Our interfaces provide transparent connectivity whether you are communicating via wireless, serial, parallel, TCP/IP, pulse, or signal. All of our interfaces include a complete diagnostic tracing capability to provide status and statistics on all device communication activities. This allows system supervisors to quickly and efficiently identify data transmission abnormalities and determine the source. This provides for prompt problem resolution.
Error management techniques are inherent in any smooth running system. Current Directions' interfaces provide customizable levels of error severity. Immediate notification of an error condition can be sent to a list of recipients via e-mail and/or the Messenger Service in Microsoft Windows. Additionally, error logging is available to record each error condition on a continuous basis, or for a sliding window of time. Internally, errors can be grouped and reported by level of severity, device, location, time, operator, etc. Realizing that problems exist, when and where they are occurring, and the level of severity is essential to evaluating and troubleshooting complex communication problems.
Because nothing in business is stagnant, Current Directions is constantly developing new and unique interfaces to shop floor devices. The following is a partial list of devices that have been successfully integrated.
  • Intermec Barcode printers
  • Intermec Barcode portable readers
  • Intermec Barcode stationary readers
  • Intermec Radio Frequency Controllers
  • Intermec Radio Frequency Access Points
  • Star Micronics Ticket Printers
  • Cognitive Solutions Portable Printers
  • Imaje Ink Jet printer
  • I/O Tech Controllers
  • Toledo Load Cells
  • Toledo Truck Scales
  • Rice Lake Scales
  • Setra Scales
  • Modicom PLCs
  • Omron PLCs
  • Allen Bradley PLCs
  • Eaton Durant Counters
  • Banner Pass thru beam
  • Banner Prox switches
  • Uticore Industrial Displays

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