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Corporate computer infrastructures typically consist of an assortment of operating environments. Although there are many reasons to upgrade and bring these diverse systems to a single operating environment, the reality is that the costs are prohibitive. Current Directions utilizes powerful integration techniques to protect your information systems and infrastructure investments while taking advantage of the latest technology to implement successful shop-floor data collection solutions.
Mixed computing environments present unique challenges of mating the new and the old without sacrificing performance. In order for shop-floor data collection systems to be successful, they require that state-of-the-art technology be integrated with existing systems to accomplish real time responses to the operators. Current Directions optimizes performance by carefully analyzing the existing infrastructure and then choosing, developing and applying the right combinations of technology necessary to satisfy the needs of the data collection application.
All of our customers have benefited from our expertise in providing the integration necessary for the data collection application to interoperate with existing infrastructures. Whether your infrastructure is currently UNIX-based, OS/400, IBM mainframes, Netware based, or Windows based, Current Directions can successfully integrate your environment. At a minimum, each installation requires that we identify and determine the optimum solution for the following:
  • Protocols necessary to facilitate communications among differing operating systems.
  • The services necessary to integrate the file sharing and data access across diverse systems.
  • Sharing print services across a broad range of operating environments.
Regardless of the complexity of your present operating environment, Current Directions is prepared to employ the latest technology available to provide the interoperability necessary for a successful implementation. Below is a partial list of operating system environments that we have successfully integrated with shop-floor data collection solutions.
  • HP/UX
  • DG/UX
  • SUN/OS
  • Linux
  • OS/400
  • IBM Mainframes
  • Windows
  • DOS
  • BSD

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