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Preventative maintenance is as important to an industrial operation as it is to the human body. A careful study of the entire site by experts can stop small problems from compounding and forcing a system shut-down. This sort of support goes far beyond just calling in an equipment failure and having it repaired. The CD team checks every detail and verifies everything is functioning perfectly. If a problem is discovered the CD analyst will locate the exact source of the difficulty and make sure the proper repairs are initated by the appropriate expert in the least amount of time possible.
The Current Directions preventative maintenance plan provides support and evaluation for coverage and equipment in one year increments. This includes three inspections of equipment, four radio coverage evaluations, and response to up to four technical incidents a year.
Equipment Evaluation:

Check radio/device functioning
Inspect all connections for wear
Inspect all cables for wear
Inspect all antennas for wear and/or mis-aiming/mis-alignment
Inspect all enclosures, fans, heaters, etc
Provide a report with graphic image of all problems identified and the required repairs to bring them back to specifications

Radio Coverage Incident Evaluation:

On-site testing of the radio coverage by the CD investigator
Site map identifying the specific points where radio strength will be tested and measured
Radio strength at each test point mapped on site map
Documenting any necessary actions needed to insure full radio coverage

Technical Incident Evaluation:

Evaluation of the identified problem
Corrective action recommendation
Follow-through to resolution by:
        Identifying additional resources that may be required
        Coordinating and documenting all activities

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