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The greater understanding a person has of his role, the more effectively he will perform. This is particularly important when introducing new technology,. The Current Directions employee training program allows each employee to understand the new venture from the specifics of their job to overall scope. They learn how their function impacts the whole, their equipment, their applications, and their value to the process. Having each employee approach a new duty with confidence and understanding can cut not only the number of problems, but also dramatically reduces the time needed to solve those that do occur. The time invested in training is more than offset by the speed at which the new operations reach full potential. Confidence and understanding now replace inadequacy and fear of failing
The CD team offers training options designed to fit the knowledge levels and functions of your staff. These may include operator training, additional supervisory training, and programming training as needed. Each training group is introduced to the new project in a general on-site discussion. This includes:

The project as a whole
The technology behind the project
The way the project impacts the group in attendance
How the group's functions impact the process
The specific task the group will be performing
Specific equipment used by the group in attendance
Specific applications they would be using

For those needing additional supervisory or managerial knowledge a session could include:

Security methods
Basic data housekeeping
Back-up procedures
Basic trouble shooting issues

For IS professionals training could also include:

Additional program maintenance functions
Interconnections with other databases and /or network
Restart and recovery methods
Use of third party products to interface (like reporting tools)
Configuration methods

Individual training is also conducted is on-site. This includes:

Walking each employee through their functions
Hand-on training on specific equipment
Hands-on training on specific applications

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