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Current Directions offers a set of design reports detailing all the steps to achieve the solution presented in the Needs Analysis Report. Each functions independently, but combined they present every aspect of the proposed project. All parts of implementation and operation of the project are detailed. The expectations of every party involved are identified and incorporated. With every detail charted and recorded, the installation and start-up of the new venture is a smooth, pre-planned operation that holds no unwelcome surprises or expenses. These include:

  Application Design

This details everything needed to implement the new solution. It includes managerial activities, any equipment and personnel, interactions between the new and existing procedures, and all installation and functioning procedures and duties.

  Database Design

This defines all details of the data elements needed for the new procedure including interrelationships, size and type.

  System Process Design

This report charts the new and existing procedure in detail for easy comparison of improvements and interaction with the rest of the system.

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