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Cycle Counting Features

  • Permits cycle counts to be scheduled as often as desired (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)

  • ABC analysis of inventory and suggestions for the count classification for all inventory items.

  • Provides override of all ABC assignments

  • Allows manual ABC classification assignment

  • Permits user defined rules for assigning count classes

  • Allows entry of positive and/or negative item tolerances by value or quantity variance percentage beyond which adjustments are held for approval

  • Exception reports for items counted outside of tolerance that require approval before being posted

  • Automatic creation of rank order based on valuation

  • Allows for automatic generation of count schedules with manual override for any number of selected items

  • Maintains count frequency, number of times counted and last date counted by item

  • Provides filters and formulas for importing data from your existing business system that would be useful for the automatic determination of usage by item

  • Automatic determination of the number of items that should be counted each day to meet the frequency expectations within the period

  • Provides a method of exporting cycle count data as a variance to quantity on-hand

  • Allows scheduling of individual items to be counted

  • Scan2Track RF version gives you real-time validating of the entries.

  • Scan2Track Batch version permits local lookups in the hand held units.

  • Scan2Track allows the user to select from three different ways to conduct cycle counts:

    • Individual Selection by item
    • ABC Analysis method
    • Random diminishing method by item

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