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Physical Inventory Features

  • Allows for multiple sites to be set up and permits multiple categories within each site

  • Provides Inventory and Item lookup tables

  • Provides ability to print Item and Location barcode labels from the tables

  • Allows for entry of item pictures to the table for item clarification using standard photo storage/retrieval methods

  • Permits Physical Inventory to be performed by Item or Location. These can also be done by Category, Serial Number or Lot Number

  • Provides ability to import data from existing database the perpetual inventory, item, location and users tables

  • Permits user defined record structure for exporting collected count transactions to another database

  • Provides audit function by Item or Location. The Administrative audit function permits administrator to select item or location to audit. The Hand Held Audit function gives the count procedure to follow. Once the audit is complete there is the ability to do a comparative analysis of the Audit Count to the Physical Count

  • Allows for manual adjustments to be made and provides an audit trail of all adjustments

  • A Control Date is required to be entered for all counts. This permits a method to retrieve count information as well as the ability to do comparative analysis of current versus prior inventory

  • Provides variance reporting to the perpetual inventory to identify trends

  • Provides ability to select specific fields to export to Excel spreadsheets from tables.

  • Scan2Track RF version gives you real-time validating of the entries.

  • Scan2Track Batch version permits local lookups in the hand held units.

  • Scan2Track offers PC based entries of count data in case there is a problem with the hand held units or if there is a need to enter the item information as it is counted.

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