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  The Problem:

Sawmills must process an enormous quantity of logs at high speed in order to maintain efficiency and profitability. Having a human operator at the truck scale hand writing delivery receipts was costly and slow. Copies of all the hand-written delivery receipts would then have to be tabulated by clerical staff. Once tabulated, they would have to be key entered into the inventory and accounts payable applications. By the time inventory information was available to management, it was outdated and of little value. Current Directions developed a solution that would eliminate the need for employees to weigh in-coming trucks while providing delivery receipts to the drivers. Additionally, the solution would update in-coming inventory immediately, and process the delivery receipt to accounting.

  The Solution:

This solution uses a remote data terminal with a numeric keypad, a ticket printer and a Toledo truck scale. The devices are connected and controlled by the site's existing AIX based, IBM RS/6000 system. All collected information is fully integrated with the company's SYMIX business system which uses the Progress database.

Drivers pull up to the remote data terminal and enter their driver identification number. The truck is weighed and a ticket is printed containing the contract number and gross weight of the truck. The driver proceeds to the log yard where the truck is unloaded. Once the truck is unloaded, the driver returns to the scale and pulls up to the remote data terminal and enters their identification number. The system will then print a ticket containing the contract number, gross weight, tare weight, and net weight. This is the driver's proof of delivery receipt. The delivery receipt information is automatically posted to the accounts payable module in Symix to allow processing of payments to the driver. In addition, the system automatically posts the receipt of logs to inventory in the Symix inventory module.

  The Benefits:

The easy-to-use system allows drivers to quickly weigh in and obtain their delivery receipt without having a truck scale operator present. Thus, saving the sawmill the expense of an employee at the truck scale. By eliminating hand written delivery receipts, there is no longer a need for clerical personnel to tabulate and enter this information. Less clerical staff is now able to handle more volume and have more time available for other activities. Errors resulting from the hand written delivery receipts, tabulating, and key entry have all been eliminated. Instant access to accurate inventory on-hand permits management to make timely assessments of inventory levels. The sawmill is now able to process a greater quantity of logs in a more efficient manner, thereby enabling the company to realize larger profits.
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