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  The Problem:

A manufacturer of corregated materials wanted to create a shipment control system that began the moment products were loaded onto the truck. They were responsible for the movement of vast quantities of cargo across the United States. Their product moved from factories to warehouses to other warehouses and then to customers. The system had to handle multiple shipments on a single truck with multiple loaders, and it had to be fast and easy to use. They wanted to speed up deliveries, tighten controls of product location, and improve accuracy.

  The Solution:

The factory was supplied with Intermec Janus JR2020RF and JR2010RF hand-held computers and communications docks. These relay data via radio frequency using an Intermec 9180 RF concentrator and Intermec 9181 RF transeiver to a network PC on a real-time basis. Unique bar-code identification numbers are given to each truck, location, and package of product. Each employee loading the product onto a truck uses a Janus to scan the item, serial number, dock, and truck. The information is available immediately to factory management and the home office. Advance shipping information is automatically forwarded to warehouses and participating customer sites. Traditional non-vendor-managed customers still receive the standard shipping documents, however the accuracy of those shipping records has greatly improved.
Each warehouse shipping site was equipped with Intermec JR2020 (batch) hand-held computers and communications docks. Each employee loading or unloading the product uses a Janus to scan the item, serial number, dock, and truck. The collected information gets loaded into the PC workstaion through the communications dock connecting the Janus and the PC. At this point, the information is automatically sent, via modem, to the factory.
The vendor-managed customer sites are given the same equipment as the warehouses. When product arrives they scan the shipment and confirm receipt of everything via modem to the factory.
The home office has real time access to all shipping information, giving them a new accuracy in controlling production needs, customer service, and inventory status.

  The Benefits:

The company now has complete control of all shipping, whether it is leaving the factories, the warehouses, or being consumed at the vendor-managed customer sites. Handwritten shipping documentation is gone, and the difficulties of having multiple loaders have been solved. The potential for conflicts between what arrived at a customer's site and what was supposed to be shipped have been virtually eliminated. Headquarters now knows exactly where each shipment is at any given time -- even for customers or warehouses in other states. They can maintain a smaller inventory overhead, and regulate production directly proportional to use. Customers, whether they are using vendor-managed or traditional shipping, are receiving accurate, timely shipping information. That means improved service. And more satisfied customers.
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