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The labor collection process is a valuable tool in assessing production efficiency, as well as labor utilization and cost. But it is a cumbersome, time-consuming process that is easily forgotten by employees. Traditionally, employees are given forms to record both the beginning and ending time of their job on an item, project, or process. These hand written forms are then key-entered into the production system program by clerical staff. There is the inevitable confusion in reading some hand written entries, as well as keying errors. The data is then processed, and the labor production reports and queries are made available for analysis.

  Benefits of Applied Technology:

The potential dollars saved from automating labor collection are enormous. The forms and the clerical time key entering them are totally eliminated. The man-hours are now spent making product, not paperwork. There are no lengthy production pauses to record work accomplished.
More importantly, the raw data obtained is accurate, and can be immediately structured into the reports or queries as necessary. There is now real time validation of labor productivity against charge numbers such as work orders, projects, accounts, parts, material movements and/or quantities. Employee productivity can be easily measured in terms of output per worker, or per hour worked. This information enables the organization to better analyze the efficiency of production at the level of the individual, the specific job, the operation, department, or organization as a whole. With this information, management can better achieve corporate growth though continual innovation in employee efficiency and improved production methods.

  Technology in Action:

Each employee receives an identification badge containing a bar-coded employee ID number. Each worker's station has a scanner and job ticket or work order, as well as a bar-code menu of jobs. The employee scans their badge and the job bar-code at the 'labor start' prompt. They do the same at the 'labor stop' prompt. The information is immediately sent to the host system and processed; giving management instant report availability.

Our applications are designed specifically for the needs of our clients. The above is a general description of a typical situation. For specific case samples please see the Success Stories section of our web site.
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