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Recording time and attendance is a continuing time-consuming task that demands accuracy. There are two common methods of keeping track of employee time and attendance. In the first, employees are given forms to fill out by hand on a daily basis. In the second, time cards are prepared, and the employees slide them into a punch clock that records the time and date; again on a daily basis. In both cases piles of forms are then key-entered into the payroll program by clerical staff. There is the inevitable confusion deciphering some handwritten entries. The information must also be checked for key-entry errors.
The information is passed on to human resources for re-entry into their records. All absences and their reasons are compared with that employee's history for approval, then recorded. Any unusual absences, such as jury duty, bereavement, early departures, et all, are clarified with the supervisor and noted in the employee's record. The reasons and any alteration to pay are then sent to payroll for entry there. By week's end the process has cost the company significant man-hours.

  Benefits of Applied Technology:

The cost benefits of automated data-integration are instant and profound. The entire time and attendance system is streamlined to save time, eliminate duplicate efforts, and catch errors immediately. From the shop floor to payroll and human resources, the hours spent filling out cards and forms, entering data, and tracking employee job histories are a thing of the past. All reports and queries are available at a moment's notice.
Because the supervisors have the ability to enter reasons and approval (or lack of it) for missed time as it occurs, the information is immediately matched to the employee history. HR personnel need only recheck entries and investigate the any discrepancies highlighted by the program. The margin for error is virtually nil, so employee time spent questioning management about pay is greatly reduced. That translates into stronger management/employee relations, and smoother union/management interaction. That same accuracy saves dollars lost in miscalculations of sick time or vacation accrual; and abuses of special approved times-off such as bereavement. In addition, records of tardiness or other problems are readily available for analysis.
The system is flexible enough to accommodate any changes in company or union pay policies, seniority benefit calculations, allowed holidays, overtime variables, and governmental guidelines. The information is easily used by different departments within the company to generate statistical data on labor utilization.

  Technology in Action:

Each employee receives a badge with a barcode of his or her name, and employee ID number. Slot scanners are placed at each entrance. When employees enter the building they simply slide the badge through the slot scanner to record their arrival. The system records the information instantly.
The automated system also incorporates protection against errors (such as forgetting to clock in then clocking out) by immediately notifying the employee to see a supervisor. At each supervisory workstation PC supervisors can key in adjustments and/or details in the employee time record if needed. They are also given a bar-code menu of approved and unapproved absences to use at the scanners.
The entire process is fully integrated to third party systems such as ADP, Paychex, APRA etc. Any special additions or alterations in attendance procedure are easily accommodated.

Our applications are designed specifically for the needs of our clients. The above is a general description of a typical situation. For specific case samples please see the Success Stories section of our web site.
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